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Copyright protection

February 19, 2006 DMUSER No Comments

Do you know what I hate? When I legally purchase a game, which I then install, and try to run. Just to find out that the copy protection that is supposed to “protect” the game from illegal users actually prevents me from loading the game.
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I’d just like to say…

January 20, 2006 DMUSER No Comments

…that too little sleep, and too much Scott Bakula mix together to form an angst that is unseen even in 16-year old Goth chicks with bloody wrists.

Another One (Bites the Dust)

January 18, 2006 DMUSER No Comments

Well here we are at another Wednesday, and though Newbs has seemed to be able to update, I have not.

This has to do with two things:

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Why does it have to be so early?

January 11, 2006 DMUSER No Comments

The goal today was for me to post a game review, and I was on track with this until yesterday. I worked an 18 hour day, then got 3 hours of sleep, and now I’m about to go back to work for a who-knows-how-fucking long day; topped off with a First Aid course from 7-10 tonight.
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Commander’s Log — Stardate -316984.1

January 6, 2006 DMUSER No Comments

I have recently been perusing the Star Trek universe. Most specifically Enterprise.

Now having originally seen about half of the first season when it started in back in 2001, and just coming off of Voyager and DS9, I realized it for what it was — Unmitigated Shit. That’s with capitals.

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