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Bobby Kotick is Shameful Human of the Year

December 30, 2010 Shameful Human No Comments

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has been made Shameful Human of the Year following a rigorous vote in which 8 people exercised their democratic right to decide the title. (9 shared the story on Facebook, figure that one out.)

Bobby took first place in the poll by narrowly beating out Steve Jobs 4 to 3, while Uwe Boll and Roissy trailed significantly further behind, grabbing 1 and 0 votes respectively.

Among all the annoyances committed by all the Shameful Humans of 2010, Bobby’s have certainly been some of the worst. 2010 saw the corporate mastermind get sued for trying to underpay one of his lawyers, firing the creative talent behind his company’s best selling games, getting sued by his former employees for ripping them off massively, and poorly slagging off Tim Schafer. This was all in addition to Kotick’s previous track record, which is one of driving game franchises into the ground and entirely disrespecting the artistic aspect of video game creation.

Congratulations Bobby, you’ve succeeded at being an utter dick numerous times in a single year, you deserve this more than anyone else ShufflingDead bothers to cover.

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