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Interneter of the Week: Ted “Golden Voice” Williams

January 8, 2011 Interneter No Comments

Image: The Columbus Dispatch.

This week’s Interneter is an obvious one. It’s Ted Williams, of course. The man who, just a few days ago, was panhandling on the streets of Columbus, Ohio and is now doing voice-overs for Kraft commercials and is employed by MSNBC.

Williams gained the broad attention of the internet some small but incalculable number of days ago when a video featuring him was ripped from The Columbus Dispatch’s website and posted to YouTube. That video, which has since been removed for copyright violation, managed 13 million views in its first two days. You can still see the clip sitting inside of news reports like this one.

Williams had voice work in the early 90s, but fell into crack addiction and alcoholism, leading to homelessness. Williams has led a life of sobriety since 2008.

It’s not all good news. It seems inevitable that there will be a run on the homeless, every person with a camera will be scouring the streets for talent.

Nevertheless, Ted Williams, ShufflingDead salutes you for finding fame on YouTube. We’ve gotten nowhere cranking out videos for years, but you give us hope!

Source: Wikipedia

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