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Interneter: Pankun

January 22, 2011 Interneter No Comments

Continuing with animal-themed Interneters, this week’s champion is Pankun, the famous Japanese chimpanzee.

Pankun earned his fame in Japan on television, starring in “Tensai! Shimura Dobutsuen” and “Dobutsu Kiso Tengai!” These programs, of the “people looking at videos and shouting out their random reactions” genre (which represents about half of all Japanese programming), featured Pankun performing various human tasks with stunning coordination and intelligence.

Pankun often shares his adventures with his bulldog life partner, James. I’m not sure James serves any purpose in completing Pankun’s tasks, but close-ups of his face frequently add to the absurdity.

Pankun came to the west when clips of his TV appearances began circulating the internet. With obsessed copyright-violation hawks now circling, it has gotten harder to find choice Pankun clips online, although many are still out there. Here, you can see my all-time favourite Pankun clip, of the chimpanzee putting together a noodle dish. More clips can be seen here.

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