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Feedback of the Week: Worst reviews EVER

October 29, 2009 Feedback No Comments

Welcome to another Feedback of the Week. The best way to get your feedback featured is to use the contact page.

Any regular visitor to this site knows that once, long ago, we did a couple Sonic reviews, posted them on YouTube, and got a lot of hate for them. In fact, those reviews are probably going to be the major source of feedback for Feedback of the Week for awhile to come.

When, as a person in the broader video game culture, do you know you’ve made it? The answer has become, simply, NeoGAF. GAF is a huge gaming forum on the internet, and probably the most famous and influential. When someone created a thread dedicated to those famous Sonic videos on NeoGAF, I felt a swell of pride.

Viewer Guybrush Threepwood proclaimed:

These guys make me want to break something.

The thread he made for us was titled “Worst reviews EVER.”

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