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Feedback of the Week: What kind of fail are you, Marnax?

October 22, 2009 Feedback No Comments

Welcome to another Feedback of the Week. The best way to get your feedback featured is to use the contact page.

Hating Sonic has earned Shufflingdead’s videos a great deal of attention. Children, seduced by Sega’s furry mascot, have been known to make video responses in a futile attempt to counter our flawless arguments.

Viewer MASTERFOXZ proclaimed:

What kind of fail are you, MASTERFOXZ? Are you sitting in your basement right now, as a slightly older child, still harbouring a deep hatred of Marnax? Do you play Sonic, and find that a throbbing, dull kind of aching anger still creeps up on you while you mull that line of mine, “this game sucks”?

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