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Feedback: Insults, Compliments, and Cosplay

January 18, 2011 Feedback No Comments

Image: Adapted from Warriors ... by claudiogennari under a CC-BY license.

Welcome back to Feedback of the Week. The (supposedly) weekly segment here at ShufflingDead where we reflect on some of the best input our beloved friends and admirers have sent our way. Remember, you can use our handy contact page to insult us with the vain hope of getting featured here, or you could comment anywhere at all on the site our our YouTube channel.

First up, from our Sonic the Hedgehog Review – Bonanza 2 video, RacerX1111 responds to my admittance that I made a mistake regarding Mario 3‘s save functionality:

thats true people do make mistakes. im sure your parents talk about that every morning

That’s spectacular, I have no witty reply. Moving on, I will introduce A2Nesk. This YouTuber took the effort to reply to our Jumper: Griffin’s Story Review with:

for some reason you guys are cool

The secret is simple: we’re chill people. While others worry about things like lighting, scripting, and production quality, we at ShufflingDead take a more relaxed approach to content production.

Finally this week, I would like to reflect on the words of alien53XF13Nd. This commenter had something to say about our Animethon 16 (2009) Cosplay video:

Cosplay it what makes me hate every anime convention…these kidz are lame as fuck and have no lives…I love anime with all my heart im pretty cool with everyone i pretty much know and have met throughout my life preps,jocks,popular kids,etc….But i will never understand these kids they give anime a bad name….

“alien53XF13Nd,” creative expression takes many forms. While some enjoy celebrating their pop culture favourites by dressing up as and emulating the characters they love, others prefer to mangle the English language and spew text uncontrollably across the internet with near-illiterate precision. It takes all kinds.

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