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Creature of the Week: The well-endowed Tanuki

January 9, 2010 Character Profile No Comments

Source: This Creature of the Week comes to us partly from reality, and partly from mythology, it’s the Japanese raccoon dog known as the tanuki (sometimes spelled “tanooki”). Tanuki have a special place in Japanese folklore, and statues of them can often be found outside Japanese temples and restaurants. The tanuki of folklore is known to be mischievous, jolly, a master of disguise, absent-minded, and the possessor of a giant scrotum.

Depicted Above: Most westerners know the tanuki from the rare Tanooki suit item from Super Mario Bros. 3, which seems to have been inspired by the folklore version of the tanuki. Since Mario games were always intended to have family appeal, the massive set of balls which tanuki are traditionally represented as possessing were omitted from the suit. I have remastered Mario as he should have appeared in the game while wearing the suit, and placed him against some traditional Japanese art in order to remind the viewer of the tanuki’s proud history in Japanese culture.

Vital Statistics: The tanuki’s big belly is said to symbolize bold decisiveness, and his even bigger balls are said to represent financial luck. Tom Nook of Animal Crossing is also a tanuki. His giant testicles are represented metaphorically by means of the outrageous demands he makes upon the player.

Fury Factor: 2300.

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