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Creature of the Week: Gyarados

September 7, 2009 Character Profile No Comments

Source: I’ve decided to revive the old “Prehistoric Organism of the Week” feature by rebranding it as the broader “Creature of the Week.” This opens up the possibility of examining all the world’s most noble creatures, not just the extinct ones. Since last week was Pokémon week, but I just thought of this idea now, I thought I’d begin with a Pokémon. The sort-of-inaugural Creature of the Week is the shiny Red Gyarados catchable in Pokémon Gold.

Depicted Above: Here, we see my Red Gyarados devouring one of the feeble trainers who dare challenge me.

Vital Statistics: Gyarados are Water/Flying type Pokémon which evolve from Magikarp at level 20. Gyarados are over 21 feet long and weight more than 518 pounds.

Fury Factor: My Red Gyarados is right at the front of my line-up of Pokémon, and frequently one-shots his foes. He’s the only Water-type in my party and his knowledge of the three Water-type HMs make him an invaluable workhorse. Fury Factor: five.

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