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Magic Card of the Week: Ancient Hellkite

March 7, 2011 Magic No Comments


This week’s Magic Card is none other than the dragon-badass Ancient Hellkite.

Despite the high mana cost that this giant bastard demands before he’ll rouse himself to your cause, he can be a tremendous asset on the battlefield. Seven mana is not often an easy cost to choke down, but it will likely be an investment in victory in Ancient Hellkite’s case.

This 6/6 flying fire-breather doesn’t have the typical dragon ability of just adding to his power for a mana cost, ineffectually overkilling the balloon brigades of goblins assigned to block them.

No, he uses the mana and just starts nuking defending creatures before they’ve even been assigned to block.

Use this ability to have Ancient Hellkite burn holes in your opponent’s defenses so that he or more of your vassals can get through to tear up your enemy’s face.

Star Trek Episode of the Week: 11001001


On this week’s episode, we get an inside look at a mad pimp’s holiday. As a bonus, this episode marks the first signs that TNG might be a decent series.

Plot: The Enterprise is in for some maintenance and upgrades. Most of the crew leaves to play made up games that require diving suits, but Riker decides to stay on board to watch over the aliens working on the ship’s computers. Leaving Wes Crusher to do the actual supervising, the Commander ends up on the holodeck, stretching his jazz skills. It’s here that he becomes entranced by holodeck character Minuet.

Character Development: This Riker-heavy episode reveals that the man isn’t even into womanizing for the sex, he just loves the thrill of flirting. He does this by grinning devilishly and speaking in calm, confident tones. Fascinating.

Forehead of the Week: The purple-headed Bynars take this supreme honour. They are a species interconnected with a main computer that keeps them organized in pairs. They hijack the Enterprise to back up their computer when it is in danger to keep their species going. Apparently, the Enterprise’s computer is the only one the galaxy awesome enough to do this.

Memorable Quote: “If winning is not important, then Commander, why keep score?” – Worf, unleashing some profundity on Riker.

Question of the Week: What Should My Next Video Game Project Be?

March 4, 2011 Question No Comments

What Should My Next Video Game Project Be?

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Image: Ochenbara: Bikini Samurai Squad box art.

Those of you who frequent our forum discussions might be familiar with our lists of ‘Never-Beaten Games’. Well, mine has been increasing recently, virtually unchecked, as I’m currently rounding out my third playthrough of Mass Effect 2 (by the way, totally deserving of Game of the Year, Newbs). Yes, I’m a filthy addict.

Anyway, I’ve decided I need to and tackle a couple of these games and knock them off the list. But the unbeaten bastards have multiplied and I can’t decide. I’ve narrowed it down to four, however, so you guys get to decide what I’ll be wasting my time on for the next little while.

1. Ochenbara: Bikini Samurai Squad. Ya, two Japanese sisters ripping apart Zombies with swords. This game can only be awful.
2. Prince of Persia. I’ve heard good things. This is the one where you have that magic chick helping you out in combat all the time or whatever.
3. The Last Remnant. This will be my third attempt to destroy this game. It is a level-grinding  nightmare, but the strategy is kind of interesting for a while.
4. MTV’s Pimp My Ride. I can ‘Roll with Xzibit’ according to the back of this game… that’s something to look forward to.

So what’s the deal, ShufflingDead readers? Which game should I play next?

Jiffy’s Lazy Links: More Hannah Minx Edition

Skyward Sword isn’t the only Zelda title Nintendo will be providing us with this year. The Ocarina of Time remake for 3DS is also well on its way, as these screenshots reveal.

Nintendo’s revamped eShop that will eventually be coming to 3DS will include titles from the Game Gear and TurboGrafx-16 libraries. Game Gear doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but this is the first indication we’ve had that the 3DS’s shop won’ tbe limited to previously handheld games.

Rumour has it that The Hobbit‘s two parts have two names, those being The Hobbit: There and Back Again, and The Hobbit: The/An Unexpected Journey.

Resident Evil 5 (the movie) is bound for theatres September 14, 2012. Everything between now and then is a waiting game for the cinematic treasure.

Nathan Fillion makes an offhand remark about wanting to restart Firefly if only he had the money, and crazy people start sending him cash until he asks them to stop. I wish I had that problem.

Blade Runner, the movie that gets good once you’ve seen it about six times, is getting a sequel and/or prequel. This likely ends my enjoyment of quoting the original.

iPad 2 announced, offers same money-wasting potential as original

March 3, 2011 News No Comments


As I was too lazy to report on yesterday, Apple’s own Steve “I work even when I’m dying” Jobs has announced the iPad 2.

Changes from the original design include it being thinner and lighter. It also has a faster processor and a rear-facing camera.

All features of the original iPad remain, including awkward typing, blatant inferiority to laptops, lack of Flash support, and exorbitant price (up to $829).

Get yourself another credit card quick, the iPad 2 launches March 11.

Source: arstechnica

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