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Star Trek Episode of the Week: Too Short a Season


This is the second episode of Star Trek in a row to offer an intriguing plot. A first for TNG.

Plot: Admiral Mark Jameson has been tapped to deal with a hostage situation on Mordan IV. He dealt with the governor there, Karnas, during a similar hostage situation 45 years ago. It turns out Jameson had gotten up to some Iran–Contra style arms-for-hostages shenanigans the last time around, and Karnas wants revenge.

Character Development: In this episode, we learn that 24th century sensibilities have trained the crew of the Enterprise to refrain from commenting on the molten-like state of Jameson’s skin. Only as he de-ages and begins to look human again does anyone complain.

Forehead of the Week: “Too Short a Season” largely revolves around the political problems of a species known as the Mordanite. They look, dress, and act exactly like humans.

Memorable Quote: “I’m fit! I’m fitter than you are Picard and I’m getting younger!” – Mark Jameson, raising hope that he and Picard may awkwardly grapple.

Question of the Week: Who is the raddest Pokémon?

March 11, 2011 Question No Comments

Who is the raddest Pokémon?

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Image: Nintendo.

Hey folks, Newbs here. Weskimo is out for the count this week, which means his duties as Question of the Week supplier are open to be commandeered.

The all new Pokémon Black and White hit stores this week, which has got me thinking about those rascally little pocket monsters. One of the big draws of the new games is that you will not see or catch any of the Pokémon from previous generations, except (spoilers) maybe later.

I still have a strong attachment to the ‘mons of old, however, and would like to celebrate their radical greatness with this week’s poll. Tell me, who is the raddest Pokémon?

I recognize there a few more contenders than those listed, so feel free to register your favourite in the comments below if you do not agree with my nominations.

Cap’n Crunch sails the internet ocean

March 10, 2011 News No Comments

Image: Quaker.

Authority figure for generations Cap’n Crunch will no longer order children to do his nautical bidding, maybe. Word recently broke that Quaker was pulling away from marketing the crunchy stuff to kids.

Soon afterward, the world was greeted with news that the Cap’n was alive and well, sailing the high seas of the internet on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s not clear if Quaker really is easing marketing, or if this was all a hoax to promote the more internet-savvy Cap’n. Word is that the great roof-of-mouth cutter isn’t selling as well as it used to thanks to a bad reputation for containing grossly too much sugar.

Quaker may be trying to switch direction, keeping adult fans happy while not pursuing the children’s market.

Source: Life Inc., twice

Felicia Day Brings Dragon Age To Life

March 9, 2011 News No Comments

Image: BioWare

With yesterday’s launch of Bioware’s Dragon Age II in mind, I thought I would bring up something I’ve been meaning to report on. Felicia Day, the internet’s second hottest redhead, has put together a live-action webseries based on the Dragon Age universe titled Dragon Age: Redemption. She’s well known for her roles in the popular webseries The Guild and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. The trailer for Dragon Age: Redemption can be viewed here.

Felicia Day stars as Tallis, an elven assassin, on a quest to capture a renegade wizard, gathering companions as she goes. This six-part webseries is set to launch in Summer 2011, and promises to turn Dragon Age and fantasy nerds everywhere into drooling messes. I think I’ll preemptively start drooling all over myself about now. Might as well get it out of the way, right?

Source: USA Today

Cock Wars 2011: Return of the Johnson Nomination Request and FAQ

March 8, 2011 Cock Wars 8 Comments

Image: Star Wars Attack of the Clones. Lucasfilm.

Five years ago, I declared Cock Wars open for stupidity with the intention of running it annually for six years (based only on the fact that there are six proper Star Wars films with titles for me to parody). Well, we’re nearly there.

This is the very last year that you have to let your voices heard in the profound War of the Dicks. Post your nominations for contestants in the comments section below. Remember: no repeats from previous years allowed, and volunteering to write the description for your nomination greatly raises the chances of your competitor being accepted into the actual competition.

The first Cock Wars 2011 “polls” will open Thursday, March 31, 2011, and will run for exactly one week. This will go on every Thursday for a total of six weeks, when a champion will be declared.

That’s not all for Cock Wars this year, however, as Return of the Johnson will immediately be followed by Cock Wars: The Blown Wars. This will be a faster, 16-entrant competition featuring previous Cock Wars champions, near-champions, and disqualified candidates. After two weeks of this, an overall god will be declared, and I will at long last be freed of this childish distraction.

For the less familiar Cock Warriors, please read the FAQ which follows.

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