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Trendwatch: performing repetitive tasks online for almost no money

August 22, 2010 News 1 Comment

SFGate.com is reporting that there is a growing trend among unemployed morons to accept virtual money in exchange for doing real work.

Their article tells the story of 28 year old Amanda Dorsey, who has been willing to check search engine links and other dull and repetitive tasks for CrowdFlower Inc., which pays her in the currency of TinierMe.com. She’s supposedly a writer, which leads me to wonder why she isn’t spending her time not making money blogging. Her in-game avatar has gotten a couple clothing items out of the deal.

Another example SFGate provides is of Tina Wang, a recovering back surgery patient who has spent her time off judging search results on eBay to earn “Swag Bucks.” Wang can get about 450 Swag Bucks during a seven hour shift, enough for a $5 Amazon gift card.

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