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People waste money on bad games: Zynga’s value overtakes EA’s

October 26, 2010 News 1 Comment

Zynga, the company that fills up your Facebook profile with obnoxious requests to join the games it makes (most famously FarmVille) has reached a value of $5.51 billion. That puts it slightly ahead of Electronic Arts’ stock-market value of $5.22 billion.

Zynga is still far behind Activision, which is valued at $13.9 billion. In the world of evil video game empires, the “casual” games company still has a long way to go. Still, the trends towards small development costs and microtransactions is obvious.

Nintendo’s market cap, meanwhile, sits at $34 billion, so the sky hasn’t completely fallen quite yet.

Source: Bloomberg
Image: Adapted from FarmVille 20×20 with Super Berries by sabrina.dent under a CC-BY license.

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