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Online gaming takes another victim

March 2, 2011 News No Comments

Image: Adapted from pcroom by JoopDorresteijn under a CC-BY license.

Maybe Vietnam, with its anti-online gaming stance, is on to something.

A Chinese man who spent three days straight gaming at an internet cafe outside Beijing has died. The death was preceded by the man not sleeping, barely eating or moving, and slipping into a coma.

I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think treating your body like shit generally leads to comas, unless “treating your body like shit” involves bashing your head in with rocks, so I suspect other factors were at work here in addition to the gamer lifestyle.

Perhaps the most shocking aspect of this entire ordeal is the mystery man’s tab: he had spent about $1,500 over the previous month on gaming at cafes. Why he didn’t just buy a computer for himself, I have no idea.

Source: My Fox DC

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