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New Zelda: Skyward Sword trailer hints at Motion+ gameplay

March 3, 2011 News No Comments

The announcement of a new Mario game for 3DS wasn’t all Iwata had up his proverbial sleeve at GDC yesterday. The Nintendo president also showed off a new trailer for the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, viewable above.

The new footage gives stronger hints at what gameplay will be like compared with previous media. Use of Motion+ is evident in things like a block rotation puzzle and traps which require precise sword swings.

There is a “shield” gage which appears under Link’s health, a first for the Zelda series. Link’s sometimes female companion/sometimes sword shows up as a usable item in the HUD as well. What that implies is unclear.

A number of larger non-boss enemies also showed up in the trailer, which has me excited. I’ve always liked the bigger battles in Zelda games that were more about sword skills than obvious “boss gimmicks.”

One weird jester-looking character made an appearance. The white-hair-having, purple-eyeliner-wearing mystery many may be important to the story.

While he was chatting about Zelda, Iwata also mentioned the 25th anniversary of the series and showed off a corresponding logo. Wild speculation indicates something collectible is on its way as part of the celebration.

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