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Love Plus marriage update

December 22, 2009 News 3 Comments

We reported earlier on a man named Sal9000 who married his Love Plus girlfriend. Now, Sal and his new wife Nene Anegasaki have become minor celebrities.

CNN covered the story in depth, and managed to pull a few choice quotes from Sal, including “She doesn’t get angry if I’m late in replying to her. Well, she gets angry, but she forgives me quickly.” Sounds like a great girlfriend, until you realize she has no concept of time and is just busting Sal’s balls for no reason.

In related news, three cake stores in Tokyo will be selling Love Plus cakes during Plusmas (that’s Christmas to you laymen). In order to pick one up, you’ll have to come in with your digital girlfriend. If you want, the stores will even take a picture of the two of you together: a DS clamshell along with the hollow shell of a man you have become.

Check out CNN’s story after the jump.

Sources: GoNintendo, Japanator, Japanator

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  1. […] you thought fans were getting out of hand with Love Plus, then you may not be able to cope with the insanity that the upcoming sequel Love Plus+ is about to […]

  2. […] like to throw in a special shout-out to Love Plus husband Sal9000 here, hope you and Nene had a great Valentine’s […]

  3. […] give props to Mr. Jin-gyu, at least this thing is soft and roughly the size and shape of a human, Sal9000 has a lot more hard edges to deal with on his fake […]

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