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Iwata announces Super Mario for 3DS

March 2, 2011 News No Comments

Image: NeoGAF

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata held his keynote at GDC today, and he did not disappoint.

He confirmed a new 3D Mario game for 3DS is on its way (that is to say, a game with polygonal graphics with stereoscopic effects and with Mario 64/Mario Galaxy style 3D gameplay). The game is being developed by the same team that made Galaxy and Galaxy 2, so odds of face-breaking quality are high.

Only a few screens were shown, but they betray two important facts: Mario can lose his hat and the graphics are spectacular. The game’s logo was also shown, and it includes a “tail,” which indicates that either the “Super Leaf” or “Tanooki Suit” upgrades from Mario 3 are back. I have to wager on the Super Leaf.

“Some” say the 3D effects allowed by the 3DS allow for more precise jumping in 3D space.

Source: NeoGAF

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