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George Takei goes after furiously homophic school board member

November 5, 2010 News No Comments

George Takei is awesome. We all know this. He was in Star Trek after all. What’s more, he ran around shirtless with a rapier in Star Trek. Then there was that one time in The Undiscovered Country where he said, in his most Takei voice, “Fly her apart, then!” He’s also an outspoken proponent of gay rights and gay issues.

For all these reasons and more, you should watch “George Takei Calls Out Anti-Gay Arkansas School Board Member.” In this video, you’ll get to hear Takei utter the word “douche-bag” numerous times, and learn how former Arkansas school board member Clint McCance is definitely deserving of the title. Check it out here.

Image: Adapted from George Takei by maxintosh under a CC-BY license.

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