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  1. Weskimo says:

    One game with a giant sword that you’ve never played and all of a sudden, all FFs are piles of shit. ONE!

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19 Jan 2011

No one can forget (although many would like to) Final Fantasy X‘s sequel, Final Fantasy X-2. That was done, presumably, to fill the gap between X and XII for those not interested in XI, which was an MMO. SE is repeating the pattern described above for the current generation of …

Square Enix trademarks “Final Fantasy Type-0,” “Type-1,” etc.

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What deviousness is Square Enix up to? Trademarks for “Final Fantasy Type-0,” “Type-1,” “Type-2,” and “Type-3” have popped up in Europe’s trademark database. Another spin-off, further diluting the Final Fantasy brand, perhaps? Or maybe the company believes Final Fantasy XIV is far enough, and will be starting back at “Type-1” …

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SEGA ended development for their own systems years ago, switching their efforts to systems made by former competitors. That hasn’t stopped a die-hard group of loyalists from continuing work on the company’s legacy systems. Incredibly, December of 2010 saw the release of a brand new RPG for the Mega Drive …

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