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Word of the Week: Yen

July 22, 2006 Word No Comments

This week’s word of the week is yen. Sure, Yen is the Japanese currency, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. Actually, yen also means to have a strong urge or desire. As an example, one might say “I yen to earn much Yen.”

I first heard the word yen watching episode 1×03 “Kill Me Now” of Gilmore girls. Rory was forced to take a sport at school, and so she chose to have her grandfather teach her how to golf. During their game, Rory mentioned having a yen for travel, specifically to visit the city of Fez.

Word of the Week: Intense

January 30, 2005 Word No Comments

It would be truly tragic to not fill this space with more blither-blather, so I am compelled to let you all in on a little something, the word of the week.

Today’s word of the week: intense. Intense is a very useful word as it can be used in place of any insulting comment and be perceived in the best possible way by your listener. I would estimate that intense is the ultimate filler. Everything ever can be described as being intense. It’s complimentary, insulting, sarcastic and serious all at once. That folks, is why intense is the first ever word of the week.

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