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Word of the Week: Fisticuffs

August 28, 2006 Word No Comments

For your immeasurable amusement, I bring you fisticuffs as the Word of the Week. Technically it refers to a form of bare knuckle boxing, though you can generally get away with using it to refer to any kind of fight or one-on-one brawl.

Fisticuffs is such a great word because you can use it to challenge someone to a fight and still sound like a nerd.

Word of the Week: Nanoprobes

August 19, 2006 Word No Comments

The word of the week is nanoprobes. With these bad boys, all your dreams can come true, and all medical problems can be solved. Yes, just suck a few harmless Borg nanoprobes from Seven of Nine, she won’t mind, and shoot up to cure what ails you.

Just make sure that it is Seven of Nine that you’re borrowing these from, because if some nerd with a computer growing out of his face tries injecting you with them, well, you’re pretty much going to be growing a computer out of your face pretty soon too. Be careful where you leave nanoprobes, because they’ve been known to take over holo projection units and spawn men from the future as well.

Word of the Week: Cunt

August 12, 2006 Word No Comments

The word of the week is cunt. That’s right, plain, simple, ever satisfying cunt. The reason it’s such a worthy word is because it seems to be the last word, aside from racial slurs, which can honestly bother someone. I’m not afraid to shout “fuck” in public, but shouting “cunt” comes with a slightly raised health warning.

If you want to refer to the female genitalia in an angry fashion, you use the word cunt. If you want to insult a guy a little bit, you call him a cunt. If you want to insult a woman a lot, you call her a cunt.

Word of the Week: Ballistics

August 5, 2006 Word No Comments

The word of the week is ballistics. Ballistics is a great word because it can be used to talk about both explosives and female body parts. Additionally, the fact that the first four letters are “ball” means that it can be used in many fine play-on-words situations, such as in the SNES classic Metal Warriors, where a ball-shaped mech is called “ballistic.”

In Resident Evil 4, the President of the United States’ 18 year old daughter has a pretty quality rack, and when one of the other characters sees her, he remarks “I see the President has equipped his daughter with ballistics too!” Now, the Resident Evil games are zombie games, and it is widely understood that Jurassic Park 4 should be a zombie movie; I can therefore conclude that Jurassic Park 4 should contain the word “ballistics.”

Word of the Week: Delicious

July 29, 2006 Word No Comments

The word of the week is delicious. Delicious is an exceptional word because it can be said in different volumes and accents to mean completely different things. If the word is shouted and followed by the word “victory,” it makes for an excellent exclamation after achieving victory in Mario Kart. If the word is whispered in a really bad English or French accent, it can be a great describing word for a woman or any of her body parts.

Traditionally, delicious has been used to describe food, and this is where it really shows its flexibility as a word. For example, a person could say “this cake is–delicious,” to offer both a compliment to the chef, and an entertaining piece of dialogue.

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