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Word of the Week: Topfree

July 23, 2009 Word No Comments

As with last week’s “paizrui,” this week’s word of the week also relates to that most holy of subjects: women’s breasts. The word of the week is topfree. “Topfree” is an alternative term for “topless,” preferred in the Topfreedom movement, as they feel that “topless” has unnecessary sexual connotations. The Topfreedom movement fights for sexual equality within the realm of public shirtless-ness, in which men are currently allowed to go shirtless at places like the beach, while women are expected to cover up, to the detriment of all society.

I personally support the Topfreedom movement because, well, titties.

Word of the Week: Paizuri

July 16, 2009 Word No Comments

The word of the week is paizuri, which is Japanese for tit fuck. Yep. The reason that paizuri deserves this honour is that searching for it on Wikipedia redirected me to the Mammary intercourse Wikipedia page, which in turn led me to listen to the audio version of that page, which can be heard here. Note: that particular page is safe for work (although I suppose playing the file would not be), but the actual Mammary intercourse page is not.

The man performing this particular reading expresses some true passion for the realm of breast sex, although his voice’s nasally disposition suggests that it is difficult for him to acquire.

I’m not certain this word is especially useful in everyday conversation, although it is a word which may ultimately be needed during my studies abroad.

Word of the Week: Fuck

September 19, 2006 Word No Comments

You’re going to think this is a cop-out, but the Word of the Week is fuck. It’s not a fucking cop-out though, because I’m fucking exhausted from fucking life. Fuck, getting up early is a lot of work. Fuck, school is a lot of work. Fuck, Latin is an especial amount of work. Fuck fuck fuck.

Word of the Week: Keelhauling

September 10, 2006 Word No Comments

I’m all for brilliantly brutal ways of killing each other, and that’s why keelhauling is the Word of the Week. Seems this was a form of punishment carried out at sea where a person would be tied to a rope, and then dragged under the ship where his skin would be ripped apart by barnacles. Awesome. Keelhauling needs to be implemented in the next Rampart game as a replacement for plank walking.

Word of the Week: Screwy

September 2, 2006 Word No Comments

The Word of the Week is screwy. Admittedly, there’s just one reason for this decision, and that’s because I felt I needed to inform you, the reader, that Chapter 1 of Screwy (my glorious comic) was finally completed.

Of course, I had many good reasons for calling my comic Screwy, so the word can stand on its own anyway. Screwing is a euphemism for sex, “screwy” might conjure up sexual imagery for some. “That’s some screwy shit” is also a mighty fine sentence.

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