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Word of the Week: Ruminate

August 27, 2009 Word No Comments

The word of the week is ruminate. Most people understand this word to mean to meditate or ponder. Did you know, it also means to chew the cud?

I’ve never chewed cud myself, finding food digestible after only a single chew. Having said that, I like to put a fist-full of Skittles in my mouth sometimes and just work on it for awhile, in a fashion not unlike the slow rhythmic cud chewing of cows. When I do this, I often ruminate on the flavours of the candy.

Word of the Week: Executrix

August 20, 2009 Word No Comments

The word of the week is executrix. I discovered this word while researching last week’s “aviatrix.” Incredibly hard to pronounce, an executrix is a woman who is the executor of a will. It’s just as sexist as aviatrix and other gender-specific words.

Unfortunately, an executrix is not a female executioner, which was my hope before having read the definition. Let’s consider for a moment what an old-timey female executioner might look like, and how hot she would be. Yeah, all these -trix words make me think “dominatrix.”

Word of the Week: Aviatrix

August 13, 2009 Word No Comments

The word of the week is aviatrix. Did you know that there are more sexist job-words that differentiate between men and women in the vein of actor/actress? An aviatrix is a pilot who happens to be a woman! Just like an aviator is a male pilot!

I’m not going to suggest that this word is particularly useful. Really, people barely use the word “aviator,” and anyone who alternates between male and female versions of the same word is an idiot. The reason that this is the word of the week is because it seems sexually suggestive without actually being so.

Word of the Week: Pulchritudinous

August 6, 2009 Word No Comments

The word of the week is pulchritudinous, which means, dictionary.com tells me, “physically beautiful; comely.”

I consider this to be a remarkable little adjective, just think of the applications this has in every day conversation! See a hot chick? Call her pulchritudinous and see what happens! Even if she understands the word and finds you repulsive, you won’t be stigmatized the way you might be for, say, whistling at her.

Word of the Week: Childfree

July 30, 2009 Word No Comments

As with last week’s “topfree,” this week’s word escapes the bonds of negativity associated with the “-less” suffix. The word of the week is childfree. Additionally, “childfree” indicates not only that a person does not have kids, but also that that person does not want kids.

I want to utilize my not insubstantial influence in society to personally promote this movement and disseminate its valuable message. The propaganda produced by breeders to popularize children as a positive force in society has led to an unfortunate situation in which people actually believe there to be a benefit in the existence and continued production of children, and it’s time something was done about it.

While those childfree among us try to go peacefully about our day, we are oppressed at every turn by the hordes of breeders and their sprog. Go to a store: be forced to park further away because Mrs. Preggers has a special parking space reserved for her. Enter store: be confronted by the horrible screaming monsters known as “youth.” Go to the park: find it occupied by undeserving children. Pay taxes: help pay for other’s mistakenly un-aborted.

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