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Question of the Week: What Can Shufflingdead Do For You?

July 19, 2010 Question No Comments

Many of you may have noticed that we’ve finally managed to get Newbs to change things around on the site to make it a little easier to use of late, including making the comment section more user-friendly. This is largely due to your feedback and comments.

So this week’s question is simply: “What can Shufflingdead Do For You?” What other gems of ideas do our readers possess on how we can improve? Are there segments you’d like to see more often? Topics we should focus on more? More layout comments? More videos? Should we try to find DMUSER? Or is the Force in perfect balance?

Question of the Week: What Game Announcements Have Got You All Excited?

July 10, 2010 Question 4 Comments

Recently, some of the big gaming-industry leaders attended a giant expo to showcase upcoming equipment and titles. I think it was called G3 or E2 or something. Whatever.

Nerds are an excitable bunch, so this week we at shufflingdead.com want to know which announcements have you quivering in anticipation. Which titles have you salivating for the glorious images assaulting your eyes? What hardware has your fingers itching to feel its powers in your hands? Which games have lit the fire of competition in your hearts? Tell us, because, yeah, it’s important and stuff.

Please note that we’ve taken your responses from last week’s question into consideration and enabled commenting without the need to sign up! Check out the comment form below (or after the jump, as the case may be).

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Question of the Week: Why do Interneters Not Comment on Our Words of Wisdom?

July 3, 2010 Question 3 Comments

With so many articles up and running, and new content daily, shufflingdead.com has become a burgeoning forum of well-researched facts and a spectacular ongoing social commentary of the popular culture of today. So I find myself wondering why, with all of this knowledge descending upon the unsuspecting masses like a bombing raid, do so few of our readers choose to comment and agree with us?

  • Is it the whole having to register idea? Would guest comments help?
  • Is it the layout? Can even our enlightened faithful readers not find the comment boxes?
  • Or is it simply internet apathy rearing it’s half-hearted head?

We at shufflingdead.com want to know.

Note: comments are also accepted via our contact form.

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