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Question of the Week: The Little Things

November 12, 2010 Question 1 Comment

Every day of our lives is made up of little things. The combinations of sensations that we experience every second all add up to our present, and make our days into what they are.

People always say to enjoy these little things. So this week I want to know what are the little things about your day that you enjoy. It can be anything, from your morning coffee to walking barefoot on freshly vacuumed carpet. A couple of mine are:

  1. That second right after you clean your ears with a Q-tip.
  2. That first sip of Coke out of an ice-cold can.

What’s so good about your day? What are theĀ  Little Things That You Enjoy?

Image: Adapted from Enjoy : ) Sunrise July 11, 2010 by ChR!s H@rR!0t under a CC-BY license.

Question of the Week: Mo-vember? NO-vember!

November 5, 2010 Question 2 Comments

It’s that time again, the traditional name of my birth month is being violated by hipsters who think it’s okay to mess with the name of a perfectly good month. This will only lead to more confusion as more hippie groups come up with more causes that need to be supported on the tired shoulders of 30 or 31 consecutive days (Or maybe just 28. February’s always seemed like a bit of a pussy to me.).

But seriously, November is here again and the event of Movember is in full swing, with men everywhere growing themselves a moustache in a battle for manly supremacy. And to promote awareness of prostate cancer, can’t forget that. So my question this week is simply: Are you participating in Movember? If yes, what is the target style? I wish I could pull off the fu-man chu.

Image: Adapted from caterpillars by istolethetv under a CC-BY license.

Question of the Week: Where Would You Go?

October 29, 2010 Question 1 Comment

So aparticularperson is about to embark on an epic adventure to Nepal. What is she going to do there? I don’t know, probably teach some Buddhist monks to read English or some shit.

But this gets me thinking: if you could go anywhere, where would you go? What amazing trip do you play out in your mind? If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be, what would you do, and why?

Image: Adapted from Parmiter Antiques Southsea Luggage by geishaboy500 under a CC-BY license.

Question of the Week: What are the Best and Worst Consoles?

October 22, 2010 Question 4 Comments

The gaming industry sure has produced a lot of hardware over the years. Some good, some bad. So this week at shufflingdead.com, we want to know what your favorite consoles have been and, even more importantly, what your least favorite have been.

Did you buy a Virtual Boy? Any of the innumerable Gameboys or other handhelds? Did you sleep with your N64 under the pillow, or just get into gaming when the jocks who beat you up in highschool made the Xbox cool and played Madden all day? What is the enjoyment value of a Gamecube? And come on, how awesome was the PS2? I know, right?

We want your bests and worsts. Tell us why you did or didn’t buy a console. What are the Best and Worst Consoles?

Image: Adapted from XBox 360 Fun by Dave_B_ under a CC-BY license.

Question of the Week: What Are You Being For Halloween?

October 15, 2010 Question 1 Comment

Well, it’s October, and once again, I have no idea what I am being for Halloween. For me, Halloween costumes are usually done the day-of, halfheartedly.

I’m told some of you crazy people actually put effort and thought into this event every year, though, so I’m curious: What Are You Being For Halloween? A Slutty Cat? A Slutty Cop? A Slutty Pumpkin? Or even a No-Beard Riker?

Image: Adapted from On the Phone by rkelland under a CC-BY-SA license. Yes, you can use this image if you similarly Share Alike!

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