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Magic Card of the Week: Mordant Dragon

February 7, 2011 Magic No Comments


Hailing from the Worldwake set, Mordant Dragon is this week’s Magic Card.

At first glance, Mordant Dragon is just like many of the other flying lizard behemoths. He’s a 5/5 flying at 6 mana cost. He’s got a firebreathing-type ability, letting you spend additional mana to temporarily boost his power.

But then this sneaky scaly jerk reveals his other ability. After he damages a player, he does a bombing run on your opponent’s forces on his way home.

He deals an equal amount of damage to any creature as he just did to your opponent’s face, assassinating any unlucky enough to have been singled out for special attention.

Star Trek Episode: Haven


On this week’s episode of Star Trek, Deanna Troi’s childhood marriage arrangement catches up with her. Hijinks ensue.

Plot: The Enterprise is heading for the planet of Haven, renowned for both its maxin’ and relaxin’. On the way, Deanna recieves a transporter room surprise in the form of a talking metallic box which informs her it’s time for the arranged marriage of her childhood she was hoping to avoid.

In addition to Deanna’s husband to be (promising human doctor Wyatt Miller) and his parents, Deanna’s mother Lwaxana Troi also beams aboard the Enterprise. She’s wacky comedic relief! She hits on Picard, she hits on Riker, and everyone has a great time, myself especially. I laughed uproariously while watching this episode alone in my basement of solitude.

Character Development: Deanna and Riker’s relationship is as confusing as ever. He’s jealous of her upcoming marriage, and there’s certainly something going on between the two, but they aren’t anywhere near a proper couple, either. Considering how “single” Riker acts around other women, you’d think he’d be cool with Deanna seeing other guys, but he’s not. That’s bullshit.

Forehead of the Week: That goes to the multi-talented Mr. Homn, Lwaxana’s attendant. He’s at least seven feet tall, drinks like a Klingon, can out-lift Captain Picard, and has only spoken once.

Memorable Quote: “Bill.” – Deanna, refering to Riker. She is apparently close enough to Riker to know his secret nickname (you know, the one that’s not Will or Number One).

Interneter: Blake “Scumbag Steve” Boston

February 5, 2011 Interneter No Comments

This week’s Interneter is Blake Boston, better known as Scumbag Steve. You can see him pictured in all his glory to the right.

Folks across the internet (well, mostly Reddit) have been enjoying sticking text implying that Steve is a bit of a, well, scumbag on that particular picture. The idea is that Steve likes to poke his head around the corner, ask to borrow your stuff, get you to pay for things, and especially acquire weed from you whenever he can. All favours which he never returns.

As with most/all of the ridiculous images of people which circle the internet, Scumbag Steve exists in reality, but as Blake Boston. It’s an exclusive club filled by the likes of Tron Guy, and the fellow who dresses up as Peter Pan. In Blake’s case, he is a MySpace rapper and highly legitimate.

“Weezy B.” as he is sometimes known has had a bumpy ride on the meme train. His Twitter feed is filled with drama associated with his entry into entirely deserved super-stardom with gems like the following. I don’t really know what it means, but it sounds angry.


Blake seems to have mostly come around to his notoriety by this point, as his Twitter description tells us:

Im Blake Boston.Im from Boston. I guess Im also a meme (whatever the f*ck that is). scumbag steve. whatever. FUCK YA IM SCUMBAG STEVE.DEAL

Question of the Week: Are Polls Easier Than Questions?

February 4, 2011 Question 1 Comment

Are Polls Easier Than Questions?

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Image: Adapted from Telephone Pole by Nicholas Smale under a CC-BY license.

We’ve decided to switch things up a little here at ShufflingDead this week. I want to know if clicking a button and voting on a poll is easier than answering a question with your own words.

So, this week, the Question of the Week has become the Poll of the Week, the test becoming multiple choice instead of long answer. Does the internet wish to speak to me with numbers instead of words? Tough shit, internet, because I don’t speak binary.

What do you all think?

Shameful Human(s) of the Week: Whoever Created the Marketing Campaign for Dead Space 2

February 3, 2011 Shameful Human No Comments

Image: Dead Space 2 box art. EA.

EA, or whoever defrosted the aged idea of selling video games by making you feel rebelious for playing them in the marketing campaign for Dead Space 2, are this week’s Shameful Humans.

The campaign consists of a bunch of mom-looking moms (or maybe/probably they’re actors) reacting to footage from Dead Space 2. They react just the way years of stereotyped portrayals on television would lead you to expect they would react!

You can see the humiliatingly stupid results here. Anticipate a lot of middle-aged women grimacing.

Even more embarassing, part of this campaign involves a forced attempt at “going viral” by trying to get the kids back home to film their moms reacting to the violence of Dead Space 2 as well. Quick, you’ve only got until February 25th!

So, to recap: This campaign implies that gamers are a bunch of teenage guys who strive to be as bad-ass as possible by playing games their mothers wouldn’t approve of. Women don’t like video games. Adults don’t like video games. A “mature” rated game isn’t for mature people.

This campaign reminds me of the juvenility supplied so copiously by game marketers in the ’90s. These ads are more fitting Mortal Kombat than they are what I thought was supposed to be a serious game of 2011.

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