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Magic Card of the Week: Spellskite

November 7, 2011 Magic No Comments

Image: Wizards of the Coast.

The New Phyrexia set gave life to possibly the most Lightning Bolt-frustrating card I’ve ever seen. For that, Spellskite has come forth as this week’s Magic Card of the Week.

Dropping two colorless mana lets you pull Spellskite onto the battlefield, and with it’s variable activated ability cost it could fit nicely into any deck.

If you like your life total where it is, keep this guy in a blue deck.

A natural 0/4, this Artifact Creature can cause any spell to target itself for the low cost of just one blue mana (or two life in a pinch).

He’s tough enough to handle the light removal spells so he can selectively draw in spells multiple times. You can even use this creature to deny any buffs your opponent wants to put on his own creatures, simply redirect them to Spellskite.

A versatile tool for any control deck.

Star Trek Episode of the Week: The Arsenal of Freedom


Plot: Riker, Data, and Yar head down to a soundstage in the process of investigating the mysterious disappearance of a starship. Riker soon finds the captain, or supposed captain, of this vessel, whose name I think is Pockmarked Ugly Face. Ugly Face turns out to be a projection created by a weapons system which was once being sold by the inhabitants of the soundstage. Picard and Crusher join the away team only to be trapped in a cave together, where their characters are conveniently given something to do.

Character Development: In this episode, the three highest ranking officers of the Enterprise beam down to planet Minos and are subsequently stranded, leaving Geordi La Forge in charge. Geordi is given an opportunity to be confident and prove the worth of his ongoing existence.

Also, Picard and Dr. Crusher are shoved into a cave together to chat it up, thus teasing the audience with the potential for romance that will fail to materialize.

Forehead of the Week: This honour has to go to the great Minosians, who invented an automated weapon system so powerful it destroyed them as its sales pitch. I think all the Darwin Awards were given to them after that, forever.

Memorable Quote: “At your service, captain.” – Data, upon leaping nearly 12 meters and landing his hulking mechanical body dangerously close to an already wounded Dr. Crusher

Magic Card of the Week: Conqueror’s Pledge

July 20, 2011 Magic No Comments

Image: Wizards of the Coast.

Ever found yourself thinking: “Wow, this would be so much easier with more creatures?” Well, wish no more! This week’s Magic Card of the Week is Conqueror’s Pledge!

Toss this in your soldier deck to virtually end the game with one card.

If your deck is working even half decently, the 6 1/1s that come into play for the affordable cost of 5 mana should be at least 3/3s, if not better.

This card might as well be an Overrun for all the rage it delivers into your opponent’s face.

The kicker cost on this card is, unfortunately, prohibitively expensive. If the game is really drawn out, this will end it. For the most part, if you get to 11 mana, you should have already won the game.

Throw these things into your soldier deck and drop the hammer on your poor bastard of an opponent.

Magic Card of the Week: Leyline of Anticipation

April 13, 2011 Magic No Comments
Leyline of Anticipation


Welcome one and all to ShufflingDead’s Magic Card of the Week! This week’s card of power is Leyline of Anticipation, from the M11 core set.

Leyline of Anticipation allows you to play all your cards as though they had the Flash ability. For those unfamiliar with that one, a spell with Flash is able to be played at any time you could play an instant, regardless of it’s other spell types.

With this enchantment out you can freely rain creatures, artifacts, sorceries, and whatever else you like down on your opponent’s unsuspecting forces. Being able to surprise your enemies can pay off in a big way.

Also worth noting is the card’s first ability. Drawing this card in your opening hand lets you drop it for free at the start of the game.


Star Trek Episode of the Week: Heart of Glory

Star Trek The Next Generation Heat of Glory


On this week’s episode of Star Trek, we are treated to a reasonably well written story with actual character development.

Plot: The Enterprise is called to the aid of a starship adrift in the neutral zone. Life signs are detected on board, and so a small away team is sent over to investigate. Geordi is given the chance to test out a “visual acuity transmitter” for his VISOR, which allows the bridge to see what Geordi sees. It turns out Geordi’s life is a non-stop acid trip in which light and shapes constantly flicker around him in a disorienting fashion. Oh yeah, and some Klingons are rescued. They come on board and mess with Worf’s head.

Character Development: In this episode, we learn that Worf is an actual character with an actual back story. He was rescued by a Starfleet officer and grew up as the adopted child of humans.

Forehead of the Week: There is no doubt that this honour should go to the mighy Klingons themselves. In this episode, we learn of their shouting-session as death ritual. We also get a chance to gain insight into the political discomfort some citizens of the Empire have with peace with the Federation.

Memorable Quote: “It is only a empty shell now, please treat it as such.” – A Klingon logically describing a dead body.

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