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Star Trek Episode: The Battle

Image: Star Trek: The Next Generation. Copyright CBS Paramount Studios.

If you’re wondering where “Justice,” the episode between last week’s “Lonely Among Us” and this week’s “The Battle” is, I already wrote about it. It’s right here.

On this week’s Star Trek episode, those wily Ferengi are up to something yet again.

Plot: The Enterprise meets up with a Ferengi ship that has brought a strange gift: the old Federation ship Stargazer. This was Picard’s old ship, one which he lost in a fight with an unknown vessel, but not before destroying his adversary. In this episode, it is revealed that it was the Ferengi which Picard had encountered, and a family member of one of those who died aboard it is carrying a serious grudge. DaiMon Bok has brought with him a “thought maker” to control Picard and enact revenge.

Character Development In this episode, we discover that Jean-Luc Picard is a brilliant tactician, one capable of devising a ship maneuver worthy of carrying his own name. The mighty Picard Maneuver was his key to winning the Battle of Maxia. It involved blasting toward his opponent at warp 9 in order to make it appear as though there were two copies of his ship at once, thanks to the rate at which light travels. This is different than the other, more famous Picard Maneuver, which involves straightening your shirt on an awkwardly frequent basis.

Forehead of the Week: Since this is a Ferengi episode and I’ve already covered them, I’m going to give Picard’s forehead the honour (and what a forehead it is!). In “The Battle,” we learn that headaches are truly rare in the 24th century, but poor Picard has to suffer through one of them this entire episode.

Memorable Quote:“You’re welcome, ladies… heh. Adults.” – Wesley Crusher, ruining Star Trek.

Interneter: Pankun

January 22, 2011 Interneter No Comments

Continuing with animal-themed Interneters, this week’s champion is Pankun, the famous Japanese chimpanzee.

Pankun earned his fame in Japan on television, starring in “Tensai! Shimura Dobutsuen” and “Dobutsu Kiso Tengai!” These programs, of the “people looking at videos and shouting out their random reactions” genre (which represents about half of all Japanese programming), featured Pankun performing various human tasks with stunning coordination and intelligence.

Pankun often shares his adventures with his bulldog life partner, James. I’m not sure James serves any purpose in completing Pankun’s tasks, but close-ups of his face frequently add to the absurdity.

Pankun came to the west when clips of his TV appearances began circulating the internet. With obsessed copyright-violation hawks now circling, it has gotten harder to find choice Pankun clips online, although many are still out there. Here, you can see my all-time favourite Pankun clip, of the chimpanzee putting together a noodle dish. More clips can be seen here.

Question: Sharing Time?

January 21, 2011 Question No Comments

Image: Adapted from drinking beer by schuey under a CC-BY license.

So after an evening of Facebook status trolling, Starcraft II custom games, and banana bread flavored beer (it’s as absolutely delicious as it sounds), I still have no real question in mind for this week.

This week’s question is going to be less about me pushing my opinions at you with my often largely biased and rather ridiculous hyperbole. This week is all about you. Yes, you, specifically you. Tell me something about you that I don’t already know. Go on, it’s just me and the collective hive mind of the internet here, no need to be shy. What is one thing that I don’t know about you?

Feedback: Insults, Compliments, and Cosplay

January 18, 2011 Feedback No Comments

Image: Adapted from Warriors ... by claudiogennari under a CC-BY license.

Welcome back to Feedback of the Week. The (supposedly) weekly segment here at ShufflingDead where we reflect on some of the best input our beloved friends and admirers have sent our way. Remember, you can use our handy contact page to insult us with the vain hope of getting featured here, or you could comment anywhere at all on the site our our YouTube channel.

First up, from our Sonic the Hedgehog Review – Bonanza 2 video, RacerX1111 responds to my admittance that I made a mistake regarding Mario 3‘s save functionality:

thats true people do make mistakes. im sure your parents talk about that every morning

That’s spectacular, I have no witty reply. Moving on, I will introduce A2Nesk. This YouTuber took the effort to reply to our Jumper: Griffin’s Story Review with:

for some reason you guys are cool

The secret is simple: we’re chill people. While others worry about things like lighting, scripting, and production quality, we at ShufflingDead take a more relaxed approach to content production.

Finally this week, I would like to reflect on the words of alien53XF13Nd. This commenter had something to say about our Animethon 16 (2009) Cosplay video:

Cosplay it what makes me hate every anime convention…these kidz are lame as fuck and have no lives…I love anime with all my heart im pretty cool with everyone i pretty much know and have met throughout my life preps,jocks,popular kids,etc….But i will never understand these kids they give anime a bad name….

“alien53XF13Nd,” creative expression takes many forms. While some enjoy celebrating their pop culture favourites by dressing up as and emulating the characters they love, others prefer to mangle the English language and spew text uncontrollably across the internet with near-illiterate precision. It takes all kinds.

Magic Card: Preeminent Captain

January 17, 2011 Magic 1 Comment

Image: Copyright Wizards of the Coast.

This week’s Magic Card is Preeminent Captain. This bastard can be key to battlefield supremacy, and in handing out an overwhelming beatdown.

Toss this diminutive dick into your all-Soldier deck and he’ll help you wreck some bitches in short order.

Three mana gets you a 2/2 First Strike creature, strong enough in its own right. But this hobbit brings friends. Like Samwise Gamgee. Yeah, he’ll bring Sam along for the ride, and they’ll tear up giant spiders and shit.

Or he’ll bring along the entire Minas Tirith army. Yeah, that one. Each time freaking Pippin here attacks, he drags another Soldier out of your hand, puts him into play charging the gates of Mordor right alongside him.

Pretty heroic, hey?

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