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Magic Card of the Week: Scathe Zombies

September 29, 2008 Magic No Comments

You’re coming along with your 200-card mono-black deck, your friend’s 200-card mono-green deck is starting to lose some matches. You just need to pimp up your deck a bit more. I suggest adding some real-world flavour text to back up your attacks.

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Magic Card of the Week: Ad Nauseum

September 22, 2008 Magic No Comments

You and your friend have been playing Magic for awhile, and he keeps kicking your ass with his 200-card mono-green deck. You can’t beat that kind of quality deck with card strength alone; you’re going to need to attack him mentally. I suggest using some freaky looking black cards, look at this Ashen Ghoul.

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Magic Card of the Week: Sarkhan Vol

September 15, 2008 Magic No Comments

Some fifteen years ago, a collectable card game called Magic: The Gathering was created, a game which would inspire nerds everywhere to construct 200-card mono-green decks. In the early days of Magic, mistakes were made, and some cards were made too powerful.

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Magic Card of the Week: Krosan Colossus

September 8, 2008 Magic No Comments

You’ve been working hard on this 200-card semi-mono-green deck, but now you’re starting to think that it’s getting a little too far from its roots. There are too many non-green cards, and certainly too many non-creature cards. You need to enhance it with a tribal theme, but first you’ll have to pick a tribe. Elves are popular, but fairly androgynous, not unlike the people who play them.

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Magic Card of the Week: Time Walk

September 1, 2008 Magic No Comments

A vital part of Magic: the Gathering is feeling better than your opponents by using good cards and then acting smug about it. You really want to include a card in your 200-card semi-mono-green deck that will be a real cock-slap to your opponents. First, you’ll have to include a few Islands in your deck, because all cock-slap cards are blue.

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