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Interneter of the Week: Sadie, a.k.a. UltraNeko

April 3, 2010 Interneter 4 Comments

This week’s Interneter is Sadie, a once minor YouTube celebrity who operated the channel UltraNeko. She has disappeared, or rather, her internet presence has, including her videos, blog, and Twitter account. When she was active on YouTube, I considered her one of my favourites. She’d play games, swear at them, and generally be really hot.

I wrote Sadie an open letter nearly a year ago now, complaining about the mysterious video-producing hiatus she had gone on. It turns out that she never paid any heed to my words, and only came back to close her once mighty YouTube account.

Reading others discuss this issue (all of whom seemed to prefer white text on black backgrounds, much to the detriment of my eyes), it seems Sadie decided to leave the internet for good in order to concentrate on her schoolwork. She was probably never pregnant, despite the rumours, and her now ex-boyfriend probably had a lot to do with the production of her videos. In fact, she probably didn’t like video games all that much. There is a lot of inferring going on here, a fake Twitter account and a deleted blog make fact checking difficult.

I have to take serious issue with what Sadie has done for two reasons. Firstly, building up a large fanbase and then abandoning those people with no explanation demonstrates a lack of appreciation for those fans, which offends me as someone in search of that kind of following. Secondly, that no one can go back and look at her past work demonstrates the strange frailty published material now lives with on the internet. In the past, a person could write a book, and people who ended up buying and enjoying it could theoretically enjoy it almost indefinitely. Now, published work can be readily un-published by its author on a whim. That has to be a serious concern for fans of all digital media, as well as future historians.

Sadie, Shufflingdead salutes you for causing us to reflect deeply on what we’re doing here on the internet.

Interneter of the Week: mayte[heart]

March 27, 2010 Interneter No Comments

This week’s Interneter is Twihard mayte[heart], whose post happened to be sitting at the top of mylifeistwilight.com when I visited the site a few minutes ago. Please note that her proper name is “mayte” followed by a heart, but I can’t be bothered to make the character display properly. Here is her post for your amusement:

Today my friend and I were in my moms car and we saw a silver volvo pass right next to us. The first thing we said was follow that car cause Edward might be driving around Dallas. The weirdest thing was that it actually was cloudy and raining- MLIT-

mayte[heart] is not technically pictured to the right, but the image is probably not a bad guess at what such an enormous Twilight fan would look like. mayte[heart]’s internet celebrity skyrocketed, I’m guessing, with her post to mylifeistwilight.com, and will certainly climb ever higher, provided she continue to confuse reality with a series of poorly written children’s novels and then talk about it online.

mayte[heart], Shufflingdead salutes you for making us feel better about ourselves.


Interneter of the Week: Tiger Woods

March 20, 2010 Interneter No Comments

Seriously folks, I’m almost done talking about Tiger Woods. No, really, you won’t have to endure this much longer.

Unlike previous entries in this series, this week’s Interneter didn’t launch a succesful career through the internet, and he hasn’t found the web all that beneficial in any obvious ways. In fact, this Interneter didn’t even post his own material for others to enjoy, it was done for him by adult actress Joslyn James, pictured to the right. This week’s Interneter is Tiger Woods.

Veronica Siwik-Daniels, as she is known in reality, just set up a new website called “sextingjoslynjames.com” (it’s quite NSFW, which is why I’m not linking to it directly) where she has helped Tiger get started in the exciting world of online content production!

Tiger’s first contribution consists of a long list of texts he sent Joslyn over the course of their affair, and it truly does amuse. Some highlights include:

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Interneter of the Week: Brandon Hardesty

March 13, 2010 Interneter No Comments

This week’s Interneter is Brandon “ArtieTSMITW” Hardesty, whose YouTube videos are some of the finest things available on the internet. Brandon rose to fame re-creating famous scenes from movies, performing all roles himself. Like a lot of people, I first discovered Brandon when someone created a thread about him on the Something Awful forums. Brandon has since repeatedly thanked the SA community for foisting him to internet super-stardom.

I can think of no one more deserving than Brandon Hardesty of internet celebrity. I’ve followed his career as he’s gone from Geico commercials and appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to roles in major motion pictures, and he has exhibited nothing but pure kindness and humour throughout.

Brandon’s latest work is embedded above. The video actually out-does much of his previous work, which is saying a lot. In this latest production, Hardesty recreates a classic scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory as though it starred Jack Nicholson and Christopher Walken. It’s truly something to behold.

Brandon Hardesty, Shufflingdead salutes you for making the internet not suck.

Interneter of the Week: Conan O’Brien

March 6, 2010 Interneter No Comments

Conan O’Brien’s internet usage came around only after years of failed attempts at starting a career in real-world entertainment. He had brief stints as a writer for The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live before landing a gig as host of an obscure late night talk show called Late Night. O’Brien flirted with real success when he was promoted out of that bleary late-night/early morning vacuum into his dream job as host of the Tonight Show. O’Brien quickly found that position to be ill-suited to his dedication to quality and originality; he was fired soon after accepting the job.

It was only after these many years of struggling with the hardships of the real-world entertainment industry that O’Brien finally found his place, and it happened to be on the internet. On February 24, 2010, O’Brien got a Twitter account, and his career took off with immediate and explosive success. At last, O’Brien had found his place.

Conan’s Twitter is a stunning piece of internet humour done right. He posts with an unobtrusive reliability, and always has something amusing to say. Take, for example, this early message: “This morning I watched Remington Steele while eating Sugar Smacks out of a salad bowl. I was naked.” Now that’s good writing.

O’Brien’s latest spark of creative internet genius was to announce the first person he would follow with his account, Michigan resident Sarah Killen. His wit drove thousands to her humble Twitter account, and she has quickly gone from 3 to 11 000 followers. That’s the power of real internet celebrity.

Conan O’Brien, Shufflingdead salutes you for being one class act.

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