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Feedback of the Week: You Guys Suck

September 29, 2009 Feedback No Comments

Welcome to another Feedback of the Week. Remember, the best way to get your feedback featured is to email me at newbs@shufflingdead.com.

Feedback on Shufflingdead’s videos has been covered at length in our videos, and most of what hasn’t can still be easily seen by reading the comments we receive on YouTube. Sometimes, though, people send me messages on YouTube that the whole world doesn’t get to see, and so I’d like to share one of those with you today.

Viewer JackThangNguyen wrote:


You guys suck. Its like you woke up one day and this is probably what happened.

NOOBZ:DERRR, how can we be bigger idiots and losers today?

DMUSER: I knos how bout we’s make’s a bunch er vidayohs abouts stuff we dont even knows and put them on the internets.

NOOBZ: OKEY, now what do we not Know?

DMUSER: Lets sees 1+1, and our abd’s

NOOBZ: Those are no good How BOUTS vidayoh games. That will makes lots of peoples angries

DMUSER:*Drools and pees himself

That is not at all what happened, allow me to clarify. First of all, after I wondered out loud how we could be bigger idiots, DMUSER immediately came up with the idea for game reviews. Secondly, we both pronounce “video games” properly. And thirdly, although you are right that DMUSER drooled after our discussion, he had, and still maintains, full bladder control.

Feedback of the Week: Hollywood Explosions and Gunfire

September 22, 2009 Feedback No Comments

Welcome to another Feedback of the Week. Remember, the best way to get your feedback featured is to email me at newbs@shufflingdead.com.

This week’s feedback was sent in as an email way back on August 5, 2008, and came in response to our review of the film Children of Men.

Viewer Andy wrote:


Just seen an interesting You Tube review of Children of Men from 2006.

This dystopian sci-fi was almost universally praised at the time of its release, one review even claimed it was the Blade Runner of the 21st century. I certainly thought it was one of the best films of the year and couldn’t understand how anyone could’ve been disappointed or bored by this groundbreaking movie. DMUSER, however gave it only 1 star out of 5 in his review claiming he, ‘didn’t get it’ and couldn’t understand how the film had even been made.

Checking this out further on You Tube, I’ve found other reviews by people of a similar age, claiming the same level of boredom. One guy even claimed the scene in the art gallery was too long and boring – it’s just over 3 minutes for fucks sake! So, I’d like to ask Newbs, who gave the film 4.5 stars, whether this is due to a generation of kids basically falling asleep in the cinema once the Hollywood explosions and gunfire have died down or is there something else that I’m missing? What kind of films does DMUSER actually rate highly, and has he changed his mind at all over the last years as Children of Men is now up there with some of the best films of the decade?

Hope this email’s not so long that you can’t be arsed reading it and thrown it straight in the trash!

Thanks for your time.

I appreciate Andy’s email for two reasons. Number 1: he manages to use the internet without sounding like an idiot. Number 2: he destroys DMUSER.

Andy, I think you’re right that older kids often only appreciate explosions and gunfire in film. I’d add though, that people in general are idiots and that this isn’t really anything new. For example, in the realm of CG movies, younger children appreciate not only the well made Pixar films, but also the derivative shit that DreamWorks pumps out. The point is, they don’t care about quality, just that neat looking things are bouncing around the screen. Similarly, adults made the horror that is Norbit successful.

I don’t know what movies DMUSER would rate highly, but he recently claimed that Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was “definitely not a bad movie.”

Feedback of the Week: A Whiner, A Quitter, and a Crybaby

September 15, 2009 Feedback No Comments

Welcome to the first ever Feedback of the Week, a feature which I plan on using to respond to all of the wonderful and insightful concerns and compliments I receive regarding Shufflingdead.com. Remember, the best way to get your feedback featured is to email me at newbs@shufflingdead.com.

This week’s feedback comes from Reddit, where several readers of my “The Gym Problem” article let me know what a loser I am.

User “Noexit” wrote:

Author is a fucking loser, a whiner, a quitter, and a crybaby. You’ll find in life what you’re looking for and get out what you put in. I’m sure if you ask any of those guys at the gym that want to beat him up they’ll all say “who?” The world isn’t focused on you pal, get over yourself.

But hey, good on him for getting the work done despite himself. Hope it goes well.

There were several other pretty enjoyable comments that I received, check them out at that link.

I always know exactly how much of an idiot I am making myself appear to be with each thing that I write, and with the article in question, I was fairly confident in my idiocy. Somehow though, through the comments I received on it, I was actually proven to not be an idiot! By expressing my fear of going to the gym because of the risk of being looked down upon, I was looked down upon, and my paranoia was proven exactly right. Gym people really are dicks!

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