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Creature of the Week: The Unstoppable Toad

October 12, 2009 Character Profile 1 Comment

Source: This Creature of the Week is the ubiquitous and utterly unstoppable Toad, another entry from the Mario universe. This week’s selection is in honour of the upcoming release New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which I long for.

Depicted Above: The Toad above appears in the particular dress of the Toad character, a singular Toad who represents in his character the essence of Toad-ness. That is to say, he is unflappable, unbeatable, and utterly unstoppable. Toads are known for their racing and soccer skills, but can perform incredible feats of 2-D platforming when called upon. Nintendo opted to include two playable Toads in NSMB Wii instead of the neglected Wario and Waluigi because the developers understood the heroic nature of even generic Toads.

Vital Statistics: Toads drop spores when struck, which brings up a number of questions. So Toads reproduce asexually? Then, how are there male and female Toads? What do Toad and Toadette get up to when they’re alone?

Fury Factor: Toads are a primal force of nature hailing from the Mushroom Kingdom. Fury Factor: 20.

Creature of the Week: The Talented Ortolan

Source: This Creature of the Week is the talented Ortolan, a pachydermoid race in the Star Wars universe. One of the most famous Ortolan is Max Rebo, who played in a band at Jabba the Hutt’s palace until being freed by a returning Jedi. I’m ignoring it, but apparently, events in the Star Wars universe should be described in the past tense, at least, that’s the way Wookieepedia does it. That makes sense, considering these things happened “a long time ago.”

Depicted Above: Ortolans look like damn elephants. Blue, muppet-like elephants. Some may accuse me of being a repugnant, sex obsessed pervert, but come on, these guys have pretty phallic trunks.

Vital Statistics: Homeworld: Orto. Average height: 1.4-1.8 meters. Distinctions: Stocky, large ears, long snouts.

Fury Factor: If Max Rebo can have a solo career after his stay at Jabba’s palace, you know these pachydermoids must be tough. Fury Factor: 12.5.

Creature of the Week: The Hateful Cactuar

September 28, 2009 Character Profile No Comments

Source: This Creature of the Week is the hateful Cactuar, or Cactrot as he was known in the original English translation of Final Fantasy VI.

Depicted Above: In last week’s installment of Creature of the Week, I noted that drawing a character allowed an artist to become more intimate with that character, and therefore come to understand him or her better. As I sketched the Cactuar, I began to notice that his body was dangerously close to looking like a Swastika. In combining this new understanding with my knowledge of his rigidly defined attacks and statistics, I realized that the Cactuar is probably a Nazi. This would explain the Cactuar’s running stance and large amount of Gil, he’s fleeing from the Allies and trying to escape with as much loot as possible.

Vital Statistics: Defeating a Cactuar will grant you 10 Magic Points, and he will drop 10 000 Gil. Most attacks will miss Cactuar, I recommend using Edgar’s drill.

Fury Factor: As with all cacti, Cactuar is a dangerous foe. Fury Factor: 12.

Creature of the Week: The Humble Goomba

September 21, 2009 Character Profile No Comments

Source: This Creature of the Week is the humble Goomba, a famous enemy from many Super Mario games.

Depicted Above: There is a certain intimacy that is created between an artist and his or her subject, I had never really thought about what it was like to be a Goomba until making this representation. What I realized as I drew the image is that they go about their lives, dying unceremoniously in droves as the plumber interlopers invade their home. As such, Goombas have a lot of rage that they manage to keep barely hidden.

Vital Statistics: Known as “Kuribo” in Japanese.

Fury Factor: I noticed that Goombas are not a happy mushroom-like people, they have seemingly perpetually furrowed brows and two dangerous looking fangs. Fury Factor: 11.

Creature of the Week: Hypnotic Specter

September 14, 2009 Character Profile No Comments

Source: This Creature of the Week is the Magic creature Hypnotic Specter, which was also recently the Magic Card of the Week. You may wonder why Hypnotic Specter deserves so much attention, well allow the following to enlighten you.

Depicted Above: Hypnotic Specter can be seen in all its horrifying splendour. In the background is the horde of cards Hypnotic Specter has forced its opponents to discard.

Vital Statistics: Power: 2. Toughness: 2. Flying. Whenever Hypnotic Specter deals damage to an opponent, that player discards a card at random.

Fury Factor: Hypnotic Specter’s ridiculous turn-one combo with Dark Ritual makes this already dangerous creature utterly deadly. Fury Factor: seven.

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