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Sony continues war against PS3 jailbreakers

February 8, 2011 News No Comments

Image: Ironically public domain.

It only does what Sony wants it to do. Or else.

Remember when hackers figured out the “public private keys” of the PS3, allowing them to run code on the system at will? Sony does, and they’re still trying to ensure no one is ever able to follow their instructions.

In addition to suing anyone distribution the code necessary to jailbreak the black monolith, the company is kindly requesting Google give up the IP addresses of people who watched a private informational video regarding the hack on YouTube posted by hack-spectacular George “Geohot” Hotz. They also want names to go with the Twitter accounts of fail0verflow members, also associated with the hack.

Oh yeah, Sony is also hoping to get ahold of Hotz’s computer, presumably so they can check it for evidence of pro-Linux, anti-corporate bias.

Source: Wired

Zombies Ate My Neighbors might become a movie

February 6, 2011 News No Comments

Image: Zombies Ate My Neighbors box art. Konami.

Remember the classic SNES and Genesis run-and-gun tribute to horror movies, Zombies Ate My Neighbors? I do, I named it the 37th best Super Nintendo game ever. The few hundred people who watched that video probably remember too.

That’s not to say anyone else does, however, but a film is in the works none the less. I wonder where it will fit in the canon of the franchise. More importantly, I wonder if soda-pop grenades and water guns will be the best weapons the main characters can scrape together.

Zeke and Julie, along with teenage angst, romance, and zombies are in the mix, but not much else is known.

Source: SlashFilm

Parliament hears corporatist whining in favour of CRTC’s decision

February 5, 2011 News 1 Comment

Image: Adapted from Bell Headquarters by Sweet One under a CC-BY-SA license.

The corporatist war on the Canadian public isn’t over yet. In fact, it’s just beginning. The telecoms and their government supporters are hoping to talking-point you into forgetting what this whole anti usage-based billing thing is all about.

Konrad von Finckenstein, head of the CRTC, tried to appear affable Thursday, speaking to the House of Commons.

The corporate equivalent of Santa Claus joked that he wishes to “find economic ways to discipline the use of the Internet.” No, wait, that wasn’t the joke part. The joke was “we don’t have a monopoly on wisdom,” which preceded the supposedly serious comment about trying to prevent Canadians from using the broadband internet services which they already pay for, and which ISPs have found plenty profitable (yes, telecoms grew rich even without UBB).

Of course, von Finckenstein managed to throw in Bell/Telus/Shaw/Rogers’ favourite talking point about metered internet being equivalent to charging for usage when it comes to electricity. Remember, bandwidth doesn’t need to be created like power, it’s already sitting in the lines whether you use it or not.

Don’t let this issue get talked to death. If you, as Canadians, want legitimate and fairly priced internet usage now and for the rest of your lives, the corporations must be fiercely regulated. As always, fight the power.

Source: ars technica

Man murdered after stealing GameBoy

February 4, 2011 News No Comments

Image: Adapted from Gameboy Original by PseudoGil under a CC-BY license.

GameBoys are precious things. We already knew they were worth stealing from dead people for some, and now it turns out others consider them worth murdering for.

John Rosa has been sentenced to 5 and 1/2 years after he stabbed and killed Devone McCrary over a GameBoy Rosa had stolen from him. The light sentence comes as a result of Rosa’s guilty plea of “passion-provocation manslaughter” which came in December.

Personally, I consider my GameBoy to be worthy of the noble shrine I have given it in my closet. We have a lot of memories together, but then again, it lacked backlighting.

Source: NorthJersey.com

“Engaging” Star Trek TNG porn parody in the works

February 3, 2011 News No Comments

Image: Star Trek: The Next Generation: A XXX Parody. Via io9.

My fantasy has come to life. Star Trek: The Next Generation: A XXX Parody is in development. It features porn versions of everyone you’d expect: Troi, Data, Beverly Crusher, and of course, Will Riker himself. Geordi’s holographic fantasy Leah Brahms shows up, as well as Tasha Yar.

Also in the mix is a man who io9 describes as “a renowned Patrick Stewart impersonator from London” to play the role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The guy is spectacular.

How is all of this possible? Director Sam Hain is serious about Star Trek. He wrote the film to fit with TNG canon and only added the sex bits after. The parody’s events take place just before season six episode “True Q.”

Unfortunately, no trailer is available yet. Rest assured, ShufflingDead will follow this story with Vulcan-like intensity and bring it to you as soon as possible.

Source: io9

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