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Nintendo fans will latch onto anything; or, how Johnathan Ross started a Metroid rumour

January 18, 2011 News No Comments

Image: Metroid Prime 3 box art. Nintendo.

Johnathan Ross won’t be hosting Nintendo’s 3DS mega event in Amsterdam until January 19th, but he’s already run afoul of Nintendo super-fans.

We already knew the press event/preview would be an extravaganza of explosive 3DS unveiling-ness, but one fan took it upon himself to express his excitement to “Wossy” personally over Twitter:

It’s absolutely fine, I don’t expect you to spill anything, it’s nice to have a surprise. I have my fingers crossed for Metroid..

To this, Ross replied:

I think you’re going to be pleased then…

Of course, since Nintendo fans are accustomed to being led around like starving dogs by their secretive Nintendo overlords, ready to bite at even the slightest hint of food (read: news), bloggers, forum rabble, and the like, immediately jumped on this “Tweet” as legitimate rumour material.

J-Ross was later prompted to clarify his earlier statement, with someone asking if he was replying to the general idea of surprises, or Metroid in particular. Ross explained:

yes. Why? Did he think I meant new Meteoid?

Meteoid being, of course, the MetroidMeteos crossover game Ross just confirmed. And thus, the Metroid 3DS rumour was born, lived to maturity, and died, all in a matter of two days.

Study finds, sometimes, kids get addicted to video games

January 18, 2011 News No Comments

Image: Adapted from 86/365 Xbox Clones by Mike Poresky under a CC-BY license.

American psychologists who conducted a study of about 3,000 children in Singapore have concluded that for about 9%, gaming is a problem, indeed, an addiction.

The researchers found that members of this elite 9% are not simply turning to gaming as a means of escaping other problems, but that the gaming itself is part of the problem. Games for these kids were linked with anxiety, depression, and interference in “real life.” Grades and relationships were shown to be affected.

Meanwhile, in the realm of stock photos, CNN used a shot of a teenage boy gripping an N64 controller like it was on fire in their coverage of this story. The kid is also grinning like mad and drenched in a green glow. At first, I thought this moment might have taken place during a round of Perfect Dark while Joanna had her night vision goggles on, but he appears to be using the d-pad, so that can’t be it.

Damn it Steve, this isn’t funny

January 17, 2011 News No Comments

Image: Adapted from Steve Jobs Headshot 2010 by Matt Yohe under a CC-BY-SA license.

As a blogger with nothing better to do than whine about the asinine turns of the tech industry, I owe a great deal to Steve Jobs. I need him around so I can mock his turtle necks, success, easy-to-use products, and raging arrogance.

That’s why I’m severely disappointed in Steve for taking yet another medical leave from Apple. Sure, he’ll still be CEO, but this is indefinite, and considering his history of illness over the last 8 years, fairly concerning.

Meanwhile, big media is running around worrying about petty things like Apple’s continuing ability to create innovative products and maintain stock value during these troubling times. They don’t seem to grasp the wider implications of this ordeal.

In any case, here is to Steve Jobs. May he live forever as the imperial god of technology. That ass.

Source: arstechnica

Square Enix trademarks “Final Fantasy Type-0,” “Type-1,” etc.

January 17, 2011 News No Comments

This hardly seems final.

What deviousness is Square Enix up to? Trademarks for “Final Fantasy Type-0,” “Type-1,” “Type-2,” and “Type-3” have popped up in Europe’s trademark database.

Another spin-off, further diluting the Final Fantasy brand, perhaps? Or maybe the company believes Final Fantasy XIV is far enough, and will be starting back at “Type-1” now. I know, it’s got to be a hard-core reboot of the Final Fantasy series. Each one a blood, aliens, guns, and excessive use of the word “fuck” remake of its numerically corresponding original.

Yeah, I actually have no idea, and I probably never will, either. That is, until the company holds a press conference next month, presumably to explain this.

Sources: NeoGAF, GoNintendo

Captain America combats suicide

January 16, 2011 News No Comments

Image: Marvel.

Marvel icon Captain America stars in a free digital comic called “Captain America: A Little Help” as part of a suicide awareness campaign.

The comic uses no dialogue until the last frame, and tells the story of a young man struggling to cope with the difficulties in his life who stands on a rooftop ready to end it all. From his vantage point, he witnesses Captain America dealing with some of his own troubles.

The comic can be viewed here.

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