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Summer ’10 To-Do List: August Update and Concluding Ruminations: Weskimo Edition

September 8, 2010 Weskimo 1 Comment

Here we are at the end, August is gone, summer is fading into fall and we are left with wondering where all of the time went. Well, I’m pleased to report that I was somewhat productive this summer, as shown by my List. Read ’em and weep.

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Summer 2010 To-Do List: Weskimo Edition: July

August 3, 2010 Weskimo No Comments

My calendar has stated that time has progressed along its projected course and it is now August. Though not really prepared to let go of July, I’m told this is out of my control. That means it’s time to tell you all what I’ve done in July. You can see my full summer to-do list here.

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Summer 2010 To-Do List: Weskimo Edition: June

July 2, 2010 Weskimo No Comments

Well, June’s over. Time to look at this month’s tally of accomplishments.  You can see my full summer to-do list here.

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Summer 2010 To-Do List: Weskimo Edition: May

June 7, 2010 Weskimo No Comments

Here we go. I’m taking a break from my relentless pursuit of To-Do List completion to recap May’s progress. You can see my full Summer 2010 to-do list here.

23. see Kick-Ass

Expect a review in Movie Maundering.

30. play in an MtG draft

4th place out of 11 players seems okay. Got some really good cards, and the Rise of the Eldrazi set is ri-freakin-diculous.

33. buy a magic box

Completed, finally. I have an 800-card deck box with which to carry my spell cache from kitchen table to kitchen table.

80. clean out University email account

Cut emails from over 800 to under 60.

82. organize music collection

Hooked the old iPod up to my laptop and renamed wrong tracks, cleared off duplicates, and otherwise sorted things out. Figured it would be an hour tops. Three hours later…

83. remove all NWA, Spinal Tap, Colin James, Simcoe Street Mob, and Red Hot Chilipeppers tracks.

Completed with pleasure. I did not put any of these on my iPod personally, save for “Californication” by the Chilipeppers (which has a special hatred in my heart), and have resented them all ever since they popped up on my playlist.

95. play a drinking game while watching the Transformers Season 1

Holy balls.  “Drink whenever the humans need saving…” The Galvatron: 4 parts gin, 2 parts pomegranate liqueur, 2 parts blueberry liqueur, 3 parts club soda.

7/100 completed

7 goals  is really not where I wanted to be sitting after a month of summer, but looking at my list, many of the goals are repeat behaviors for the entire summer, so I don’t feel bad, as I’m on track for most of them. Notable goals in the works include the reading of the Silmarillion (230 pages in!), educated hating of Lost, fitness goals, and the building of a huge Magic card order. And of the times Newbs has attended Shufflingdead Basketball, he has been defeated 1/1 times.

So a little behind, but June should bring more progress.

Summer 2010 To-Do List: Weskimo Edition

May 8, 2010 Weskimo 4 Comments

Every year, I read Newbs’ list for the summer and think “none of that is going to happen…”  This time, something was different, though.  This year, I got some kind of seventeenth sense that some of it might actually get done!  I don’t know how, and for most of it, I most assuredly do not know why, but he’s going to do it!

This left me thinking, as I often do, of myself.  I also have goals for every summer, though never immortalized in list-form, I tend to have assorted vagaries and wispy notions floating around in my head that represent the list.  I don’t know if you folks have ever tried to accomplish a vagary before, but I’ll tell you, it’s still pretty damn vague when you’re done.  And you’re left with a confused feeling whenever you look back on the summer, wondering if you actually accomplished any of your lofty (if poorly defined) goals.

Well, no more! Behold! Concrete evidence of my goals this summer!  Take that, Weskimo’s directionally-challenged mind! Eat progress this summer!

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