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The Dungeon’s Boss: Controlling Handhelds

Preparations for my 2010 gaming strategy continue. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time debating with myself the particular issue of GameBoy games, and how to play them. I have a GameBoy, GBA, DS, Super GameBoy, and GameBoy Player, and just about any one or two of them are all that’s needed to get through my many pre-DS handheld games. Having said that, the only one that’s truly comfortable is the SNES controller that goes with the Super GameBoy, and that won’t play GBA games. The DS cuts into my hand, the GBA screen hurts my eyes, and the GameCube controller’s d-pad is horrendous.

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The Dungeon’s Boss: Because it’s there

I began 2009 with this New Year’s resolution: beat three games for every one that I buy/get. While I’ve been able to maintain that ratio for most of the year, it looks unlikely that I’ll be able to finish with it. The end-of-year tag-team of my birthday and Christmas inevitably leads to an onslaught of new games, and while I may have time to beat the games coming in, I will surely not be able to beat the other two games for each of those that is needed.

I’m not especially distraught about this failing, it was a good effort for a noble cause, and led to a much more reasonable gaming budget. For 2010, however, I want to attempt something more sweeping.

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The Dungeon’s Boss

For a very long time, several years actually, I’ve been trying to decide how to deal with a particular urge. That is the urge to blog in a wild, uncontrolled fashion about video games.

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