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The Dungeon’s Boss: I am Fucked

As I announced on The Dungeon this week, my main GameCube memory card recently became corrupted, and I have lost hundreds of hours of game progress. For the most part, the data was for games I had already beaten, but it does set me back in a few cases. I am now forced to start over on one of my most hated nemeses, StarFox Adventures, for example.

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The Dungeon’s Boss: Games Played: Zelda Spirit Tracks and Puzzle Quest Galactrix

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks: Much of what was wrong with Phantom Hourglass has been avoided in this game: the central dungeon which is returned to throughout the game no longer requires you to play through the same floors over and over again. I would still count Phantom Hourglass as a better game, however, because it featured that wonderfully amusing character Linebeck, and because Spirit Tracks introduces the extremely dull train transportation and the flute item which must be played via the DS’s unreliable microphone.

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The Dungeon’s Boss: Game Collection Database

With the new year comes the start of a new gaming resolution. In 2009, I tried, and ultimately came up short in my attempt to beat three games for each one that I acquired. This year, I’m pursuing something far crazier and ambitious. My plan is to evolve my collection into something a little cooler, a little smaller, and a little more diverse, and to simultaneously reduce my backlog to no more than 10 games, all by the end of the year.

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The Dungeon’s Boss: Games Played, Preview #2

For most things in life, I am a procrastinator, even when it comes to tasks I enjoy. That includes school work, site work, cleaning, and email writing. Man, writing emails sounds like a lot of work before you sit down to write them. The one exception to this rule is video game playing: my anticipated start date of January 1, 2010 hasn’t even arrived, and yet I’m already deep into passionate gaming.

Last week, I discussed my experiences with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. I had already beaten those games by the time I wrote about them, and so, of course, I have moved on to yet more games. This week, I will be talking about some games that I am no where close to beating, Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II, from the Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls GBA collection.

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The Dungeon’s Boss: Games Played, a Preview

Once my quest for a higher plane of gaming existence begins in earnest, I plan on making posts at least monthly in which I will detail those titles that I am either currently playing or have recently beaten. I will describe the joy and pain which they bring me, and generally treat my gaming collection like the beloved child that it is. Although that won’t be until 2010, I have games I’ve been playing that I’d like to talk about, some of which have been haunting me on the backlog for some time. Think of this as a sort of non-canonical prequel to those upcoming posts.

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