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The Dungeon’s Boss: Games Played: Resident Evil 4, Personal Trainer Walking, a pile of SNES games

With summer winding down, and me in a desperate need to accomplish as many goals as possible, its time to crank out another Dungeon’s Boss update on the games I’ve been playing lately.

Resident Evil 4: Specifically, the Wii Edition. I played through this game some time ago on GameCube, so I already knew how spectacular it was. Having said that, I didn’t feel all that compelled to play through it again after I lost the save data and was unable to play through on the equivalent of New Game +. Already knowing I was a fan of the Wii’s change in controls, and suddenly becoming aware of how easy it is to grab Wii save files off the internet and use them in my own games brought me around for another go.

With everything unlocked, and Leon overpowered to shit, RE4 is a completely different experience. I love the opportunity to blast through enemies that gave me so much trouble before. Now I can enjoy the story and atmosphere in a relaxed, much less agitated, state.

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The Dungeon’s Boss: Q2 2010 update

With July almost over, it would seem I am once again long overdue for my quarterly update to my games collection database. That page now reflects my games bought, received, beaten, sold, and given away for the months of April, May, and June of 2010.

It was another remarkably poor quarter for me. I hopped from 71 unbeaten games to 82. Beaten games barely moved, going from 130 to 131. I did manage to complete one additional game, taking that total to 13.

Details after the jump.

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The Dungeon’s Boss: Games Played: Galaxy 2, Muramasa, Pokémon

Super Mario Galaxy 2: I have no time. Between working a full time job and this site, it’s amazing I find any time for gaming at all. Having said that, when I can sneak in a few moments for my favourite media, my first choice is certainly this game. Having re-played Galaxy to its completion in anticipation of this game’s release, it’s a constant amazement to me the newness exhibited in Galaxy 2. Each new galaxy, with its unique twist, new mechanic, or brilliant homage, pulls me forward, and has me asking over and over again: they can’t have anything left for the next Mario, can they?

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The Dungeon’s Boss: Q1 2010 update, and some Games Played

Already being over a month overdue for what is supposed to be a quarterly update to my games collection database, I have decided that it is now time to make that update. The database now reflects additions and subtractions made to my disturbingly/arousingly large games collection during the first three months of 2010. Since March, a significant number of changes have taken place, but I’ll have to refrain from adding those until the Q2 update.

Quarter 1 saw some incredible changes to my collection. I managed to beat-back the over-heavy presences of both unbeaten GBA games and RPGs. I found $1 copy Space Iinvaders for the Atari 2600 which, for the time being, has no system to be played on, and picked up some NES classics on the cheap, those being Lolo 3, Metal Gear, Blastermaster, and Hogan’s Alley.

Perhaps most significantly, I also picked up a PS1 (at the same thrift store I found the Atari game), along with my first PS1 game, WipeOut XL. I’m excited for another opportunity to check out how the “other half” was living, this time from the era when I was focused on blasting Russians in GoldenEye.

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The Dungeon’s Boss: Games Played: No More Heroes Desperate Struggle and a Bunch of Classics

No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle: The sequel to one of my favourite Wii games, Desperate Struggle fixes a lot of what was wrong with the original, but also feels a little hollow. Although the first NMH had a lot of filler, the sequel has essentially none, and the game feels oddly paced because of it.

I love the 8-bit mini-games, but now they’re entirely optional, and there don’t seem to be any side-quests. Without the need to make money between boss fights, I feel like I’m just blasting my way through the game instead of taking the time to really enjoy the experience.

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