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The Dungeon’s Boss: Games Played: No More Heroes Desperate Struggle and a Bunch of Classics

No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle: The sequel to one of my favourite Wii games, Desperate Struggle fixes a lot of what was wrong with the original, but also feels a little hollow. Although the first NMH had a lot of filler, the sequel has essentially none, and the game feels oddly paced because of it.

I love the 8-bit mini-games, but now they’re entirely optional, and there don’t seem to be any side-quests. Without the need to make money between boss fights, I feel like I’m just blasting my way through the game instead of taking the time to really enjoy the experience.

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The Dungeon’s Boss: I am Fucked

As I announced on The Dungeon this week, my main GameCube memory card recently became corrupted, and I have lost hundreds of hours of game progress. For the most part, the data was for games I had already beaten, but it does set me back in a few cases. I am now forced to start over on one of my most hated nemeses, StarFox Adventures, for example.

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Introducing Jiffy the intern

January 14, 2010 Newbs No Comments

Newbs here, I just wanted to let you, the readership, know that Shufflingdead is bringing on a new writer. He’s Jiffy the Intern, and he’s going to be helping me out with all the news stories I haven’t had time to post.

You’ll see news posts by Jiffy popping up regularly over the next few weeks. When he’s finished his job and I no longer have use for him, he’ll be summarily executed and then fired for being dead.

Jiffy’s a good kid, so don’t be too hard on him.

The Dungeon’s Boss: Games Played: Zelda Spirit Tracks and Puzzle Quest Galactrix

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks: Much of what was wrong with Phantom Hourglass has been avoided in this game: the central dungeon which is returned to throughout the game no longer requires you to play through the same floors over and over again. I would still count Phantom Hourglass as a better game, however, because it featured that wonderfully amusing character Linebeck, and because Spirit Tracks introduces the extremely dull train transportation and the flute item which must be played via the DS’s unreliable microphone.

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The Dungeon’s Boss: Game Collection Database

With the new year comes the start of a new gaming resolution. In 2009, I tried, and ultimately came up short in my attempt to beat three games for each one that I acquired. This year, I’m pursuing something far crazier and ambitious. My plan is to evolve my collection into something a little cooler, a little smaller, and a little more diverse, and to simultaneously reduce my backlog to no more than 10 games, all by the end of the year.

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