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Tags and a Contact Page

October 5, 2009 Newbs No Comments

I’m pleased to announce that the Shufflingdead news section has launched. Expect five news stories a week from now until I get bored. There is quite a backlog of stories I want to cover, so you may see some older stories appearing for awhile. To accommodate the diverse array of topics I plan on covering in the news section, I’ve added tags to the content of the site, and you can browse those tags on the right.

If you have any thoughts regarding the news section, tags, or anything else on the site, you can let me know about them by using the all new contact page. Oooh. I’d be especially interested to hear opinions on Shufflingdead’s layout, since I’m playing with that right now.

The Impending News Section

September 28, 2009 Newbs No Comments

I’m not entirely sure how I fell into the habit of making a Monday blog post every week, but here I am yet again.

I haven’t stopped thinking about the development of Shufflingdead, and am dedicated to keeping the site interesting to both our readers and to myself. Over the next couple of weeks, I plan on first shifting to a two-column layout rather than the current three, then adding tags to the content on the site, and finally launching a “news” section.

You might have seen some strange things going on with the front page this past weekend, and that was from me doing some early tests on these changes.

My plan is that I will have a daily news item appearing on the site, complete with sarcastic commentary from its poster. I’ll then shift to only having a couple TotWs running at a time, but continue the same number of total updates.

As I like to say, let’s begin.

A Haiku About High School

September 21, 2009 Newbs No Comments

High school students are…
The morons I remember,
Still just as douchey.

The Music of YouTube: Ménage à Twang

September 16, 2009 Newbs No Comments

As I’ve said, I like to spend a lot of time watching and re-watching goofy little music videos on YouTube. Here’s another one. Also, I only listen to girls sing.

That’s the only video they have on YouTube, but Ménage à Twang has plenty more songs on their MySpace.

Further Planning

September 14, 2009 Newbs No Comments

Let me begin by apologizing for the lack of a video yesterday, I’m planning to get one up Tuesday instead. Future weeks will see the schedule restored.

As development of what I’ve been calling “The New and Thrilling Shufflingdead.com” continues, I’ve reached the point that I must now consider Phase 5 and beyond. Let’s look at the phases thus far:

Phase 1: Finish porting site over to WordPress
Phase 2: Update at least minimally
Phase 3: Promote site
Phase 4: Expand the Shufflingdead empire

All of those have now been accomplished, and for those that require an ongoing effort, those efforts continue. Now, what is Phase 5? Phase 5 is Increase quality. I’ve already laid out much of what I want to see happen with regard to content on the site: more articles, more videos, more comics, and more TotWs, with many of those things being contributions from people who aren’t me.

The other thing that I haven’t mentioned before is that I am also slowly trying to get the TotWs rejuvenated. Last week saw the rebirth of “Prehistoric Organism of the Week” as “Creature of the Week,” and I want to consider what other old TotW I can bring back like that, I’ve been mulling over “Game Character Q&A” specifically.

Phase 6 and beyond are still unknown.

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