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Project LiveJournal: newbs in a nutshell

December 4, 2003 Technology No Comments
I tried so hard

well sinse Ive decided to keep a lj now, i shuld start out with a nice big entry to impress everybody!!

i wanted to talk about…. what do ppl usually talk about in this things???! i guess i could describe myself a little lol. i’m a 16y/o male living in canada. i live with both my parents, theyre okay i guess lol, but my allowance is only 20$ a week + whatever money i need for essentials… clothes and cds and concerts and movies and video games and stuff. sometimes they wont buy me all the cd’s i want tho and i get rly mad cuz like… cmon, i need the music man! lol! I also live as well as my three evil bitchy sisters, whos names are Brenda (pronounced keerstun) whos 22, Janikova (17), and Kirsten (14) and also my kitty named Billy, who’s soooo cute omg.my sisters are ok i guesss. brenda is really kewl and fun to hang out with but she always seems to have so many bf’s that its hard to keep track, 1time when i wuz 15 i walked in on her sucking off this tom guy and it was rly weeeeeeeeird. i mean, wtf i was like o shit ur my sister thats gross! and then i looked at toms big hard dick and i started to feel kinda funny, but kinda ina good way you kno??, it wuz weird!

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Interview with Amelie est Bonne

September 12, 2003 Technology No Comments

Not long ago I came to the startling conclusion that the internet is home to millions of blogs, camwhore journals, and personal sites. In an epic quest to understand humanity I have decided I will be finding the people who run these sites and interviewing them.

My first victim is a girl who goes by the name “Amelie” and runs Amelie est Bonne over at Blogspot. I got the chance to “sit down” with Amelie when I emailed her a bunch of questions and she actually responded. My questions are the things in bold.

Let’s start off with the most important question. What do you think of the game of world domination, RISK?

I personally prefer the game Battleship better, and I love card games. But boys tend to like RISK. I remember my neighbor Russ used to make me play RISK. He also made me play Pong, which was so fun at the time. Until we discovered Pac Man and Centipede…
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Review: Angelfire

March 30, 2002 Technology No Comments

Maren Ord: “These cock sucking, anal stretching pedophiles couldn’t even score with me if they bought me a God damn fucking car!”

Many internet people types these days have become too young, cheap and generally don’t care enough to pay for web hosting which is why they turn to free hosts such as Lycos’ Angelfire “service.” Up until last week, that’s where this very website was being hosted. But alas, I was forcibly removed when some lackey discovered a person with a brain, an opinion and some mildly pornographic ads was running the place and shut it down. I will now make a completely unbiased and fair review of Angelfire’s service. As well, some sappy female artists who I may or may not listen to will be giving us their “2 cents.”

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Microsoft – The Demon Company

February 6, 2002 Technology No Comments

A little FAQ/Backhistory on MS:

What makes MS a demon company do you ask?

Obviously you’re either computer illiterate, or just illiterate…in either case you shouldn’t be reading/be able to read this site. MS propagates everything that is bad in the world – money, power, and crappy software for high prices. I’ll of course concentrate on the latter of these options of company-bashing that are forever at my fingertips.

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MSN Review

February 6, 2002 Technology No Comments

I give MSN Instant Messenger:

I actually have very little to write about this program…its awful in simplicity. First to even download the program off of their website I had to go through no less than 4 pages of registration information, by the end I was expecting to have to submit my latest tax information for their scrutiny. When I was finally able to download it, I got a Fileplanet speed. After I installed it I got the usual Windows message that I had to restart Windows after installing it. Yes I know…it pisses me off too… So I reset and wait for the program to start up after reboot. Now, maybe its just me, but usually I don’t expect a single program to almost double the amount of time it takes for my system tray to load.

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