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Satire/Humors Sites With Massive Communities Reviewed!

April 29, 2004 Technology No Comments

The internet provides a human being with everything he could ever want. Free porn, free music, free movies. Requiring something tangible? There is an unfathomable number of sites out there where you can order absolutely anything your heart desires and have it delivered strait to your doorstep. Probably the trickiest desire to quench though is the undeniable urge to pick some kind of satire/humor site containing a huge community and visit it hourly. I am here to make your decision easier and review some of the largest such sites.

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Making a Popular Blog

March 27, 2004 Technology No Comments

Every huckfuck on the internet is obsessed with creating a single type of website; a blog. You know the phenomenon is serious when there are as many of them out there as “Lolita prego-fur lactating camel” sites. Things have really become horrendously overcrowded, especially with the advent of such madness as “LiveJournal.” Being a man who has spent the last three years attempting and repeatedly failing to make just one site popular, I know exactly what it takes.

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Interview with Tiffany

March 14, 2004 Technology No Comments

Continuing my quest to interview all of the greatest people the internet has to offer, I have come to Tiffany. A girl who’s eBay auction for a date was recently revealed to me.

Greetings Tiffany! Let’s get right into this. What do you think of top hats and the men who wear them? Would it help if the guy who wins this auction wore a top hat to the date?

Um I think top hats are ugly & guys who wear them are way to retro for me. I that guy that one this auction wore a top hat, i’d be like what the hell are you wearing & laugh unless he was serious
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Project LiveJournal: OMFG! NO MOM DONT LOOK!!

February 28, 2004 Technology No Comments

2day i wuz on the comp in my room and i wuz lik “hey.. theres porn on tha intarnet isnt there?!?!” so i went to yahoo.com and searched for tits cuz i wuz pretty sure that wuld find porn and sure enuff there was like millions of sites and i started goin to allll of em. man tits r grrreeaaat!! the chicks r so slutty on tha interbnet. some of tha sites suck cuz they gots lots of nasty stuf on them and those retarded pop up ads that r soo gay. newayz b4 i new it i had a huge fuckin boner. so of course i whipped it out and started goin at it rite their in front of the comp im really goin at it cuz man those chicks r hot. i espehully like it when there like suckin on sum guyz cock or getin fucked by some guy cuz then you getta see some cock to an thas kewl. im not gay or nething cuz thats gross but everythin iz always better when theyres cock in it!! so out of friggin no where my mom comes in and is like “o shit son wtf?!” and was like “o shit mom wtf r u doin???!!!” then she looked at my dick and sorta smiled a little which i thot wuz wierd but then she wuz like… just do ur pants up and come eat lunch. l8r that day my mom wuz watchin some tv in her room and i swear i heard her make some funny moaning sounds an whisper my name but i think it wuz cuz she was grossed out by what i did that she couldnt get it out off her head.

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Internet Forums

February 9, 2004 Technology No Comments

For a great long time I have traversed many, many internet forums. I have seen the rise and fall of various communities throughout the internet. I’ve seen small clique forums explode into internet behemoths and then self-destruct just as fast. I have fought alongside and against all manner of forum posters, from the insignificant newbies to high-up administrators. Seeing as how my very own little “internet forums” have seen unprecedented growth lately, I thought it might be a good idea to detail most all of the people which you will encounter on forums like my own.

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