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The Hyper-Omega-Giga-Gantrithor Forums Rules Megalopolis

June 22, 2009 Technology No Comments

I. The Usual

Part 1: If you break one of these rules you’re probably going to get banned:
1. Don’t post copyrighted material or give people instructions on how to illegally access copyrighted material. This includes mp3s, porn, ROMs, etc.
2. If you’re going to post an image, sound clip, or video that is offensive, pornographic, or disgusting, do so only as a link, and make sure you label it clearly as “NSFW” or something. In other words, don’t post anything that is going to get a person strange looks or fired just for browsing the forums.
3. Do not make any non-sarcastic threats against anyone, especially other members of the forums.
4. Don’t post other people’s personal information, including address, phone number, email address, or other contact information without their consent.
5. Don’t post ads. Yes, you can pimp your LiveJournal or latest artistic endeavor, just make sure you’re a real person first, and that you’re here for a reason other than to make money.

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June 15, 2009 Technology No Comments

I started out on the internet a little later than a lot of nerds. I never had dial-up, never experiences BBSes, and I never did much with chat rooms. Still, it was 2001 when I got the internet, and that feels like a long time ago now. Back then, we had something called ICQ, I used it to waste time with my friends and harass the girls I went to high school with. My early experiences with the internet very much sprang from ICQ, it was where a friend told me you could get free hosting for your own website at a place called Angelfire, and it was over ICQ that many of the interactions which I discussed and parodied on that Angelfire site (which eventually became this site) came from.

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Internet Grammar Getting Worse

October 27, 2008 Technology No Comments

I wrote this article several months ago. It likely no longer makes any sense. Then again, Rick Astley could still be voted best act ever.

The internet has always been a butcher shop for the English language, but it seems to be getting worse. The problem is that while misspellings, misuse, bad grammar, and intentional, ironic bad grammar, were once relegated to sites I stayed away from, it’s now seeping into the sites I actually visit.
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Review: Page-Zone.com

November 14, 2006 Technology No Comments

abarilla says: “Does anyone [fucking] know if there is anyone [that doesn’t have a watermelon stuck in their cunt] working the Support Desk system? My tickets have been ignored for most of the month.”

This site has an odd way of being fucked by its hosts, our dealings with Angelfire, for example, have passed into legend. Still, the means by which we have been fucked, and the degree to which we have been fucked by our last host, Page-Zone.com, are astonishing. I have asked my old host-reviewing friends back to help me out with this article. Enya, Jewel, and Maren Ord will be reading some comments made by other Page-Zone users, with their own expletives added in for clarification.

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Time’s 50 Coolest Websites 2006

August 15, 2006 Technology No Comments

Every year, Time magazine, or maybe it’s Time.com, I can’t really tell, puts together a list of the “50 coolest websites.” This year, being the first year I’ve noticed, has filled me with great annoyance as the selections are largely illogical and commonly unheard of. My research thus far leads me to believe that the list is only put together so that Time has an excuse to use words like “blog,” “vlog,” and “web 2.0.” I endeavor to dissect this list for my writing pleasure and your reading pleasure.

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