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Humans Have Inter-Species Breeding Fantasies

April 14, 2002 Society No Comments

A common attribute with many humans is the need to dominate animals. Whether it’s fondling a cow, partaking in bondage with a horse, or forcing a defenseless dog into unspeakable acts, humans have a long and storied past of abusing those repulsive things we share the planet with.

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A Polygonal Curtain has Descended Across the Continent

April 6, 2002 Society No Comments

The United States, and therefore all the countries they own, is under the control of an evil empire. This would not be much of a problem except that one of the countries the U.S. has is Canada, meaning they’ve almost got a continent. I’m not going to sit idly by, let them take Mexico, and get 5 guys a turn!

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Balloons and Clowns!

March 3, 2002 Society No Comments

At long last, the population of earth has driven me to the edge. You, the dominant species of this planet has finally done enough to convince me you are all worthy of the almighty Clown of Suffering’s wrath. I would never want to touch a single one of you! I am afraid. So very afraid. With this in mind, I have decided to cover this article with pleasing images while I rant about the ludicrous goings on of your puny planet.

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Smart People are Dumb

February 23, 2002 Society No Comments

In my particular high school we have a group of “intelligent folks” called the International baccalaureate cult. At least, I think that’s what it stands for. Even if your school is not worthy of such a program as IB, then chances are you also have a bunch of supposedly intelligent people who hang out together and act exactly the same way. These “IB’s” are all friends with one another and tend to congregate in an area to pray to their unholy calculator Gods. I have several spies working for me inside the cult and thanks to their information as well as my own observations I have managed to compile a report on this most evil and barbaric club.

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Review: Bully Tactics

February 20, 2002 Society No Comments

In the good old days I would chase the ladies about the playground, tackle them and even do a little flirting. But alas, that was before. Before that horrendous gang of hooligans known as “the guys who’s soul source of entertainment is beating on Newbs” was formed. Day by day, week by week, month by month and for six years they pummeled me and beat me into submission. By the time I was finished elementary school I was afraid to talk to my own mom, let alone a strange girl. Some of the bullies “antics” worked better than others. Here’s a review of a few of the things they did using DMUSER’s “crappily drawn brown circles” method.

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