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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Collaborative Review

October 8, 2009 Entertainment No Comments

Theatre Experience

Newbs: We started out at the arcade. I found House of the Dead 4 to be quite greedy with my quarters.

Katte: Newbs died by the time I acquired my tokens.

Newbs: I had been to this theatre before, and so I knew they sold pickles. But then, when I tried to purchase one, I was informed they no longer carried them.

Katte: There was an old guy behind us who became very distraught when Newbs exclaimed “they don’t have any pickles?!”

Newbs: I felt like one half of a duo of bitter old men, like those two guys in the Muppets.

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The Best Bond Song

The best Bond? Connery, easy. Craig after that. Everybody knows this (although some, for reasons I cannot fathom, play the Devil’s Advocate and claim some other Bond for this title) but what not as many people think about is the music behind the man on top of the woman. The Best Bond song? Hoo-boy. There’s a lot of stinkers there, for sure, but tucked away between those awful melodies? Pure genius. Mozart wishes he had done the music for some of Bond’s movies– and, having listened repeatedly to Duran Duran’s “A View to Kill,” I wish he had had a chance.

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Interview With Charlyne Yi

Today I’m interviewing Charlyne Yi, who you might remember as the stoner Jodi in Knocked Up.

Wikipedia tells me that you’re a quintuple-talented performance artist, musician, writer, painter, and actress. Is your talent limitless?

Does this answer your question.

Charlyne, you seem to have managed to make a very good life out of pursuing your own creative interests and not succumbing to The Man. I’d love to do the same, advice?

I suppose I’ve learned the hard way, I have been in situations where I wasn’t happy with the material I was working on. But I’ve realized in partaking in these sort of creative jobs and doing something you don’t believe in — it’ll pay a toll on my soul. And there’s nothing worth hurting that. Life is too short to compromise your soul.
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Gilmore girls: An Insight Into the Female Mind

Gilmore girls is an incredibly realistic show. Sure, they talk faster and eat more than is physically possible, and the town of Stars Hollow is an impossible mix of entertaining characters, but Rory and Lorelai Gilmore make perhaps the only realistic choices in mate selection of all females in all of entertainment. Before I continue, I should point out that I have seen only seasons one through five, and while I’m sure season six exhibits much of the same infuriating reality, I cannot comment on it at this time.

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Braveheart the Manly

Today I was flipping channels and came across that very well known film “Braveheart.” I had never seen the movie before, or most of it anyways, as I had gotten bored during the main character’s (William Wallace’s) love affair with that random farm girl. Luckily I came in on the movie about the time where I left off before. I guess I can understand how people so widely regard this film as “great,” it’s long, epic, filled with action and grandeur. None of this prevented me from seething with rage and hatred during the entire movie, of course.

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