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Election Time

January 22, 2006 Politics No Comments

It’s come again — all too soon.

It’s time to choose who will lead our country for the next…six months or so. And, as always, at least to me; it’s like choosing between the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

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Decision 2004

June 15, 2004 Politics No Comments

Whilst paying a long overdue visit to my television I came across a debate between the leaders of the four main federal political parties in Canada. You see, there‚Äôs apparently this election coming up, June 28, 2004. Now I’ve watched a lot of pretty horrible political shows in the past, stayed awake for all of them too. But while I was watching a little of this debate tonight something struck me, I have no fucking clue what these guys are talking about.

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The World of International Politics

September 30, 2002 Politics No Comments

During an intense session of perusing the internet I stumbled upon a secret MSN chat log belonging to none other than British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Now, Mr. Blair’s long and angst ridden log has an incredible five different participants. As everybody knows, no one using MSN messenger ever uses a short and memorable nick name, even when you’re an important political leader, so just so you know Tony Blair is ‘Not all British people are gay,’ ‘Osama Bin get Ladden a lot 8===D’ is Osama Bin Ladden, ‘lol Xbox is big lol’ is George W. Bush, ‘My chemical weapons cum from my a$$’ is Saddam Hussein and ‘Americanz suck cock’ is Jean Chretien.

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The Soviet Union Shall Rise Again!

August 30, 2002 Politics 8 Comments

I plan on magically making myself the president of Russia in the near future. I wish to fix that countries current economic and social problems when in office, here’s the plan.

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