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Julian Assange is a Bond Villain on the Right Side of History

December 2, 2010 Politics 6 Comments

Some are reporting that WikiLeaks.org is now being hosted from a Cold War-era Swedish bunker built into a fucking mountain, but at this point, it has become difficult to tell where the WikiLeaks’ website is actually hosted. Wikipedia says the organization’s site was moved to servers in France following denial of service attacks and a brief stay with Amazon. According to Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, the site is now being hosted from Thor Data Center in Iceland. It may very well be the case that WikiLeaks’ hosting is spread out among some or all of these locations.

What is more clear is the accuracy of jokes surrounding the bunker story, those being that founder Julian Assange is some kind of Bond villain.

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The 2000s in American Politics: Rise of the Conservative Talking Point

December 31, 2009 Politics No Comments

To conclude my look back at the soul crushing 2000s, I will now review American politics for the decade.

I call this the decade of the conservative talking point. Through the use of the talking point, Republicans and conservatives managed to entirely dominate American political discourse this decade, and as a result, rendered reality woefully irrelevant. The ability for conservatives to control the media, as they so overwhelmingly did, allowed them to carry out the most heinous acts and behave at best indifferently, and at worst callously, toward many of the very people who elected them. The decade of the conservative talking point was the decade in which reason, truth, and reality ceased to matter; these things were replaced by emotion, lies, and distortion within the popular consciousness of the American people.

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A Rational Response to Riots

September 3, 2009 Politics No Comments

“I’m here to kick ass and chew bubble gum– and I ain’t looting any bubblegum ’til Thursday.” – Anonymous

There seems little point in focusing on any individual riot for a better perspective on the subject; after all, one doesn’t look at a particular painting to judge the merit of fine art. Thus, I turn this article over to a more diffused, general look at opinions and facts about riots the world over. The following is the result of my rational, well-navigated research.

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Molotov Souvlaki

Many men came to Leonidas himself for a solid talking to.

There has been a lot of talk lately about Greece.  In light of recent fires, I have decided that now is the time to look over this old girl’s history and, with any luck, find a solution to its problems in some ancient dusty box in the attic of introspection.  Before that box is burned by rioters.

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I Hate Sarah Palin

November 2, 2008 Politics No Comments

I wrote this article several weeks ago. It’s barely relevant now, but it does express my true hatred for Sarah Palin.

For the past eight years, Republicans working through their attack machine of conservative talk-radio hosts, Fox News, 527 groups, and Republican talking-head TV panelists have been able to control political discourse. They find the right talking points, hammer on them incessantly, and eventually the election is warped into John Kerry’s supposedly poor performance on a Swiftboat in Vietnam. In the United States, a politician who tries to take some sort high ground, who tries to avoid personal attacks, is a politician who loses.
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