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Cosplay Idol: The Biggest Loser

January 22, 2010 Society 1 Comment

Hello and welcome to the first ever Shufflingdead.com Cosplay Idol. Today, we’ll be looking at six examples of the art of cosplay, and scrutinizing them for costume authenticity (and wank potential).

sulci: I always pick Ulala in Sega Superstar Tennis for DS. As for cosplay, I think we all have to admit that the girl is pretty hot, and that her costume is very well done.

Newbs: Now this is the kind of cosplay I like to see. Asian broads wearing pink wigs and shorts skirts is pretty much my number one fetish. I approve heartily of this particular example, and thoroughly enjoy objectifying this lovely young lady.

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I May Be Arrested In Ireland

January 3, 2010 Society No Comments

As of the first day of 2010, it is illegal to speak blasphemy in Ireland. The law was passed in July of 2009, but came into effect just in time for New Year’s. It seems to be a bit of a touchy subject, as the “rules” to the law is that the blasphemy must “intentionally cause outrage” amongst followers of the religion that is targeted. Mind you, at least they’ve broadened to all religions and not just Christianity.

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The 2000s in American Politics: Rise of the Conservative Talking Point

December 31, 2009 Politics No Comments

To conclude my look back at the soul crushing 2000s, I will now review American politics for the decade.

I call this the decade of the conservative talking point. Through the use of the talking point, Republicans and conservatives managed to entirely dominate American political discourse this decade, and as a result, rendered reality woefully irrelevant. The ability for conservatives to control the media, as they so overwhelmingly did, allowed them to carry out the most heinous acts and behave at best indifferently, and at worst callously, toward many of the very people who elected them. The decade of the conservative talking point was the decade in which reason, truth, and reality ceased to matter; these things were replaced by emotion, lies, and distortion within the popular consciousness of the American people.

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The 2000s in Games

December 27, 2009 Games No Comments

Continuing my series on the 2000s in review, I come now to video games. As the decade dawned, gaming was facing one of its darkest periods. The SEGA Dreamcast, released in 1998, and the first of the sixth generation of consoles, was about to be smashed without remorse by one of the most insidious forces in gaming history. One spring morning, the PlayStation 2 descended upon Japan, and SEGA’s last great hope was silenced. That black monolith of evil known as the PS2 began its reign of shame that day, and gamers of the world suffered under it for much of the rest of the decade.

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The 2000s in Popular Entertainment

December 24, 2009 Entertainment 6 Comments

We are quickly coming to the end of this abhorrent little decade known occasionally as “the two-thousands” or “the naughties.” As such, I thought I would throw together a series of articles discussing the best and worst of 2000-2009. This week, I bring you the decade in Popular Entertainment, excluding games, which I will cover in their own article. Please note: I have said Popular Entertainment, which means that I realize Harry Potter is not the actual best book of the decade.

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