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7 World-Altering Musical Performances by William Shatner

April 22, 2010 Entertainment 3 Comments

Image: William Shatner Has Been cover art. Copyright Shout! Factory.

Bill Shatner has done a lot for the world. His portrayal of Captain James Tiberius Kirk has inspired generations of nerds, giving us indispensable modern day items like cell phones and personal computers. His hammy acting and halted delivery have birthed countless parodies, including Futurama‘s unforgettable Zapp Brannigan. Shatner’s willingness to promote seemingly any company that throws him a few bucks has popularized everything from a travel discount website to All-Bran cereal.

Given all those achievements, it’s easy to underestimate Shatner’s greatest gift to humanity: bringing joy to the world through song. In this article I will take an ear-melting odyssey through Shatner’s 40+ years of musical splendour, counting down the performer’s seven finest masterpieces.

7. William Shatner and Lin Yu Chun cover “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

We begin at the present, with Shatner’s inspired duet with Taiwan’s Susan Boyle, Lin Yu Chun. The two teamed up to perform an Earth-shifting rendition of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” on April 21, 2010’s episode of Lopez Tonight.

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sulci’s Guide to Keeping your Computer Fast

April 16, 2010 Technology 1 Comment

Waiting 5 minutes for Firefox to start up is never fun

Keeping your computer running fast is always important, especially for gamers. Let me take you on a speedy walkthrough of my weekly computer cleansing ritual that keeps my PC quick and healthy. I’ll show you some tips and tricks to keeping your computer running optimized without having to pay for any software.

Step 1: Uninstall programs you know you never use
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Top Ten Time Wasting Feeds to add to your RSS Reader at Work

April 5, 2010 Technology 4 Comments

Shufflingdead.com contributor and video editor Sulci, hard at work.

For those of us blessed with a computer and the internet at work, there is nothing more satisfying than having a few spare moments to scroll through the day’s important updates on the old RSS feeder. Today’s News stories, Youtube videos and that weekly update from that one webcomic that you would never remember to check otherwise, all ready for your viewing pleasure.

These critical updates maybe not be enough to keep you busy throughout your working day, however. So to keep the day interesting, sometimes we have to fill in the gaps, so to speak, and fill out our feeders with other interesting content.

I have compiled, for your reference and potential time wasting pleasure, a list of some of the feeds that I can’t believe I read everyday. But that I might as well read, because that way, when I check every 5 minutes during my busy day, I’ll at least have something to read.

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Interview with Fredrik Liliegren: Clarifying the “Wii is a virus” Controversy

March 19, 2010 Games 3 Comments

Recently, former Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment (DICE) co-founder, and head of Antic Entertainment Fredrik Liliegren garnered serious criticism when he called the Wii a “virus.” That included Shufflingdead, we made him our Shameful Human of that week.

Mr. Liliegren has agreed to an interview with Shufflingdead with the hopes of clarifying his comments.

I think your initial comment about the Wii being a “virus” has been taken out of context by many. Can you clear up what you meant by that term specifically?

The analogy that I used stating the Wii is like a virus, was in reference to how I think a lot of the sales of Wii Systems has happened. I think a lot of people showed up at someone’s house, they had the Wii out and played some games (most likely Wii Sports) thought “wow this is cool and different!” and went out and bought one, played a few rounds of Wii sports, possibly with some other friends whom did the same thing, Looked at it and said “wow this is cool and different!” and went and bought one as well. So the Virus spreads, but it’s not that contagious, because most of these people viewed the Wii as a Toy and bought it as a Toy not a games machines, thus have not continued to play with it other than occasionally, and most likely have not bought any “serious” games or many other games for it (hence the small tie ratio for Wii software).

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Kirsten Dunst sings “Turning Japanese,” The West’s Fantasy Japan: Akihabara Majokko Princess

February 27, 2010 Society 2 Comments

Have a look at this video (note: NSFW due to anime tits), it’s called “Akihabara Majokko Princess,” and stars Kirsten Dunst singing “Turning Japanese” while she visits Tokyo dressed as a magical school girl. The video was directed by McG, and was produced by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami.

At first glance, the video appears to be a fun, Japan love session from the perspective of a western visitor, with the Dunst character having found the place of her dreams. Having watched the video an unhealthy amount of times at this point, however, I think there’s significantly more to it than that. I view the piece as telling the story of a westerner enamoured with an imaginary Japanese culture constructed in the west and existing in her head. The Dunst character from the early parts of the video may also be representative of the west more broadly.

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