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Movie Maundering #2 – Kick-Ass

Image: Kick-Ass DVD cover art. Copyright Lionsgate.


Dave Lizewski is an unnoticed highschool student with an unremarkable life.  Looking at the world around him, he is troubled by the fact that everyone just exists, nobody rocks the boat, goes out of their way to help their fellow man, and the world just coasts along unaltered. Inspired by his comic book heroes, he decides to become a superhero, despite the lack of any training, natural or supernatural ability, or clear goal.

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Games in Review #2 – Operation Darkness

May 29, 2010 Games No Comments

Welcome once again to Games in Review, featuring reviews, evaluations, and general commentaries for games that I, Weskimo, have completed.

This week, I decided to go with 2008’s tactical RPG Operation Darkness for the XBox 360.


I was really quite interested in the story of this game. It bases itself around World War II, visiting cities, events and battles of the war. Through the eyes of a British SAS squad, it creates a sideline story around the general progression of the war, including, most notably, the secret world of Vampires and Werewolves.  You get to kill Nazis AND use Werewolves to kill Vampires!?  Sign me up.

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Cosplay Idol: Survivor

May 24, 2010 Society 3 Comments

Hello and welcome to the second season of Shufflingdead.com’s Cosplay Idol. Today, we’ll be looking at six examples of the art of cosplay, and measuring their worth based on costume authenticity, wank potential, and the horror they instill within us. Check out season one here.

sulci: So I’m guessing that you’re filing this one under hotties, Newbs. For no merit other than some gigantian mammaries. Isn’t she like 12 in the anime? If you just saw her hair you might mistake her for Ronald McDonald or something. Am I old and cynical now?

Newbs: Urrrrrgn. I’m having trouble concentrating. Hell, I’m having trouble seeing the cosplay for the breasts… Tearing myself away for a moment, I see that this young lady is holding a Pikachu, and yet she is clearly cosplaying as Misty. That is a blatant contradiction from the show, in which this character carries a Togepi. I give this woman top marks in the breast department, but she loses points for accuracy.

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Movie Maundering #1 – Hackers

Image: Hackers DVD box cover. Copyright Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.


Hackers follows the story of Dade Murphy, a young hacker who, at the age of 11, manages to crash 1507 systems in a single day. Impressive, right? Right. But he gets caught and is court ordered to not operate a touch-tone phone or a computer until his 18th birthday. So we fast forward to his 18th birthday, and Dade has moved to New York City with his mother for her new job. Cue typical teenage angst, some rebellious attitude, and new-kid-in-school highschool activities.

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Games in Review #1 – Suikoden

May 1, 2010 Games 3 Comments

Welcome to Games in Review, Shufflingdead’s newest semi-regular segment! Games in Review will feature a review, evaluation, and general commentary for games that I, Weskimo, have completed.

I’ve been trying to decide which game to make my topic for my first written review for a while now, and I finally decided that it only makes sense to use one of my favorite games. This is also to partially dispel the idea that Shufflingdead only reviews games to dump on them and piss off as much of the internet as possible. Well, fanboys, good news. I don’t hate Suikoden.


Suikoden is a fairly standard RPG released in 1996 for the PlayStation. The story follows the path of the son of a famous Imperial General, General Teo. The hero starts to work for this empire like his father, and quickly finds himself confronted by cruelty, corruption, and betrayal. After only 2 days under imperial payroll, he’s on the run from the law, with only a pair of bodyguards to aid him. Desperate, he enlists himself with an underground resistance movement and winds up as the leader of a major rebellion against the empire that his friends and family serve so loyally.

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